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John Ophaug, minor league pitcher

Sarah Maxwell, Director of Media Relations at Carleton College, sent me these photos and a blurb on Northfielder John Ophaug:

Carleton College sponsored the St. Paul Saints baseball game on Friday, July 8, at Midway Stadium. The game was billed as "Renaissance Knight Night sponsored by Carleton College" and included a number of promotional activities that highlighted the College.

Parental misbehavior solved


In yesterday's Star Tribune: Reorganized priorities in Northfield

"We were having all kinds of problems, the usual things you see in youth sports," said Bill Szydlo, president of the Northfield Youth Baseball Association at the time. "We had problems with parents...


A vital part of the Northfield plan is a simple little card. If a fan gets out of hand, he or she is handed a card that reads in part: "If your behavior continues, we will stop the game until you leave the premises."

Northfield, Northfielders in the news


Northfield nine ready for baseball
As a way to promote last summer's Class B and C Amateur Baseball state tournament, Northfield invited the St. Croix Base Ball Club to town for a game played by 1860s rules.

School for a new century
Some of the past century's changes in education systems and lifestyles are reflected in the nearly finished new Northfield Middle School, set to open Sept. 1.

Pioneer Press

Funding plan for public defenders looks improbable
Sen. Tom Neuville, a key architect of the public defenders' agreement, said the agreement did not intend to bind future legislatures and would not have been a legal contract. The Northfield Republican said the best solution would be to hold a special session to deal with only the public defenders' budget. He believes the governor, House Republicans and Senate Republicans would be amenable to that.

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