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Dukes Open Big, Shut Down Burnsville 4-1

The "Dundas Dukes":http://dundasdukes.com took on the Burnsville Bobcats last night at Memorial Field in Dundas. Northfield.org was there and we've got a "small photo gallery":http://flickr.com/photos/northfield_mn/sets/72157594181403018/ courtesy of Jonathan Jaranson.

The Dukes opened strong scoring 3 in the bottom of the first on two walks, a wild pitch, a throwing error, and a homerun. They followed that up with another in the second and that would be all they needed.

Burnsville scored 1 in the third, but a team of Dukes pitchers shut them down the rest of the way.

The Dukes play three this weekend - 7:30 Friday night at home against Elko and two away, Hastings on Sunday and the mighty *Northfield Knights* on *July 4th*.

Students return from France

DSCN0643 More than a dozen Northfield High School students returned to Minnesota on Saturday after an 18-day trip to France through the Language & Friendship program.

Leaving Northfield on the final day of exams, the students flew via Frankfurt to Nice. From there they made their way by coach and train to Arles, the chateaux of the Loire valley, Mont St. Michel, the D-Day beaches in Normandy, Rouen, and Monet's home and garden at Giverny. The students then lived for six days with host families in or near Paris and concluded the trip with two final days in Paris, culminating with dinner at the Eiffel Tower and a late-night cruise of the Seine.

While in Paris they visited Northfield French teacher Denise Halvorson, who has been on a Fulbright teaching exchange in Paris for the past school year while Frenchman Thomas Werth has been teaching in Northfield. The group also included two Fairmont High School students and was led by two Fairmont teachers, Carol Voss and Carol Nasby.

"Historic Northfield" Sign Installed

A fantastic new "Historic Northfield" sign went up along Interstate 35 yesterday. I may just have to start using the highway more often for my commute, just so I can see it on my drive and smile smugly about what a great town I live in!

Northfield Downtown Development Corporation blogger Ross Currier has got the full-size photo and the long list of folks responsible for the sign on the NDDC website at http://nddc.org.

Northfield.org Statistics

NCO and the NCO Tech Committee love statistics. Especially when there are pretty charts and graphs to go along with them (hey, corporate life will do that!). We've provided some interesting Northfield.org statistics and analytics, based on data collected from May 25 to June 25.

Look inside for the details...

Nature's air-conditioning kicks in

temperature dropA lot of places around the country are fond of saying about themselves "if you don't like the weather, stick around a few minutes and it'll change." That saying sure applied to Northfield this afternoon, when one minute I had the A/C on in the car, and the next my son was huddling under a blanket.

As I drove through downtown, the bank thermometer read 79 degrees and the sky was boiling with black clouds. When I got home after the rain started, I was curious whether it was really as cold as it felt. So I checked the Carleton College Weather Database for the current readings and saw that it was 57 degrees! Once again, Northfield escaped the serious storms that have hit all around us over the past few weeks and all we really got from this system was some much-needed irrigation.

Weblogs are Alive and Well on Northfield.org

Q: What moves faster than high-speed Internet?
A: The Northfield rumor network!

I just heard that we're eliminating citizen weblogs from Northfield.org. That's news to me!

Of course we're not eliminating citizen weblogs. In fact we're adding new blogs to our feeds every week. What we're doing is finally getting ourselves out of the blog hosting business. We currently have less than half a dozen active bloggers using Northfield.org as a web host. This change only affects them. All our other citizen bloggers are using one of the hundreds of other sites that offer free blogging tools and hosting.

We still syndicate every citizen blog we can. We still spotlight local blogs in our regular This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere feature. We still have a completely open picture and story submission policy. And we're freely offering our time and services to transition those few remaining locally hosted blogs to a new location.

St. Olaf starts work on new ring road

St. Olaf College continues to move forward with plans to relocate a portion of the campus ring road near the Old Main building as part of site preparation for the new Science Complex in the southeast portion of campus. Construction has begun and will be completed by the start of the new academic year in September.

Rerouting the road up to the east side of Old Main and down to the north side of Norway Valley will eliminate the roadway and parking between Holland Hall and Old Main, allowing the creation of a "green" area that will include outdoor teaching spaces and areas planted in native vegetation.

Northfield now in High Definition on Google Maps

Google Maps Northfield Downtown Despite moving away to college in a strange and faraway land, I noticed that recent updates to Google Maps have yielded higher resolution aerial imagery of the area. Bird's eye views of sights such as Sechler, Malt-O-Meal, downtown, and your roof await! Don't venture too far north, as it appears that Randolph hasn't yet thawed.

Gardeners share a magic touch

Garden Club makes downtown projects blossom, hosts annual Garden Tour Saturday and Sunday.

I admit it, when it comes to plants I'm a serial killer. Sometimes quickly, sometimes with the agonized withering of leaf after leaf, I manage to turn even the most lush plants and brilliant blooms into compost.

Perhaps that's why I am so dazzled by, and grateful for, the dedication and talent of Northfield Garden Club members. Bright Spencer, a member, photographer and all-around nice person, shared some photos of the projects, just so you can spot them when you're out and about. Click here to see them.

Look around the downtown and you'll see their handiwork everywhere, from the pansies in Bridge Square to the brilliant hanging baskets along the sidewalks. And take the time to visit the Betsy Maitland pergola, a restful stop along the water in Riverside Park.

Get our news delivered to your Inbox

Wondering why the old NCO-News Newsletter that delivered news to your Inbox has been so quiet lately? Well, there's a new and improved one that we've been working on, and it's ready for you to enjoy.

It's the Northfield.org News Notifier[1]. And it's faster than the old newletter (it's automated!).

Read inside to get set up...

Trail talk turns to downtown Northfield

By Peggy Prowe

The Mill Towns Trail Friends Board will meet at Dundas City Hall on Wednesday, June 14 at 6:30 PM. Interested citizens are welcome.

Recognition of the excellent trail clearing done by Eagle Scout Blaine Alderks, his crew of Scouts and fathers will take place. Friends Board members Curtis Pesheck and David Doneux spent Saturday, May 27, teaching the Scouts and hauling the buckthorn they removed from the trail in Dundas Mill Park.

Last week Neil Lutsky, Meg Otten and Peggy Prowe met with Northfield City Public Works Director, Heidi Hamilton, to discuss routing of the Mill Towns Trail through down town Northfield. The Board will be discussing the options Wednesday evening.

Peggy Prowe (pictured here) is a member of the board of the Mill Towns Trail Friends.

This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere...

The 'Sphere is back from Sin City - tanned, rested, and with both of my kidneys. That's a successful Las Vegas trip by any standard.

Since the 'Sphere's been out of the loop for a while, it's *_Current Events_* as the topic this week: things being built, things being torn down, and everything in between.

More inside...

Workers buzz along at soccer fields

Amerman PavilionProgress is being made on the Amerman Pavilion at the community soccer fields along Jefferson Parkway.

The steel beams are up and painted and now the roof is being put up by Rick Pavek's construction crew. We hope to see it completed the early part of this week. Work is also being done by Tony Guth Electric and Northfield Construction.

Next up is cement work—a lot of it!

No—it will not be ready for use during the Jesse James Tourney in a little more than a week, but we are hoping for good weather so that it's ready by August.

To view more progress pictures, click the composite photo below...

Historical Society seeks vintage instruments

The Northfield Historical Society is looking for vintage band memorabilia. We are looking for anything that would relate to the history of vintage music in Northfield: horns, uniforms, pictures, and whatever else you might have. The artifacts will be used in an exhibit for the Vintage Band Music Festival which is being held in July. The deadline for submission is June 26th. For more information, contact Hayes Scriven at the Northfield Historical Society at 507-645-9268 or stop on down, we are located in the Scriver Building which is at 408 Division St.

Hayes Scriven is the Northfield Historical Society's Education and Exhibit Coordinator.

River Bend Nature Center Summer Photo Contest

The RBNC(River Bend Nature Center) in Faribault has opened its "Summer Photo Contest":http://www.rbnc.org/photocon.htm for amateur photographers. There are three $35 prizes available.

The theme for the summer contest is "Summer Secrets" and the pictures must be taken at the RBNC.

For a full set of forms and to see a gallery of previous winners, you can "visit the contest page at RBNC.org":http://www.rbnc.org/photocon.htm

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