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St. Olaf Wind Turbine: Weblog and Photo Gallery

Northfield.org user Pat Kelley sent us this note about the new St. Olaf wind turbine weblog that he's created (check out the great panoramic photos!):

The St. Olaf wind turbine construction documentation now has its own blog, separate from the St. Olaf construction blog, at http://stolafturbine.blogspot.com.

I'll continue to update the construction blog when I shoot new panoramas and whatnot around the new science center complex site.

And user Tim Freeland sent us a batch of photos of the wind turbine construction, along with this note:

After the storm: what now?

It's good to see that more people are following Police Chief Gary Smith's lead and posting information and advice following last Thursday’s incredible hailstorm. The following posts can all be found in one handy location: the Northfield.org Blogosphere.

David Bly has a wealth of information about making insurance claims for your home and property in a resource page full of storm damage info.

Northfield Construction Company posted a list of considerations regarding storm repair to your home.

And Bruce Anderson has a story about “making lemonade from hail-damaged lemons” (also known as replacing that totaled gas guzzler with a much more efficient vehicle) in the RENew Northfield blog.

If you’ve got anything you want to share, add a comment to this story, or email it to us and we’ll do our best to pass it along.

Northfield.org statistics - we hit a record!

This was a record month for Northfield.org, mostly due to the August 24th hail storm.  The following stats are based on data collected from July 27, to August 27.

Visits (a record!):

During the one-month timeframe, Northfield.org served up 54,000+ pages (about 10,000 more than last month). During the month, there were 22,000+ site visits,  and 10,000+ of those being unique visitors browsing Northfield.org  So the hail storm news indeed attracted new visitors. On the day of the storm, Northfield.org peaked at around 4000 site visits with a total of 9600+ page views!  Per day, the average number of visits during the month was a tad over 514 visits.  Click the graphs below to display larger versions. Look close, and you'll see the huge traffic spike on the 24th/25th...

Summary Stats-1

Well, there's the stats for the (record) month. We'll continue to post them every month for your viewing pleasure.

Northfield Tennis to host meeting Tuesday

Submitted by Zach Pruitt

Northfield community members of all ages who enjoy playing tennis are invited to attend a community meeting on Tuesday, August 29, 2006.  The gathering will be held from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in room SS106 of the Northfield Community Resource Center (1651 Jefferson Parkway).

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss current tennis opportunities in Northfield, as well as what community members would like to see in the future and what opportunities exist for collaboration.  The meeting is open to those of all ages and tennis ability levels.

Refreshments will be served.  RSVPs are appreciated.  For more information or to RSVP, contact Eric Lundin (663-7705, lundin@rconnect.com) or Zach Pruitt (612-578-5984, zpruitt@carleton.edu).

Zach Pruitt is a coordinator of the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative.

Sharing photos, stories and videos

Editor's note: Want to learn more about Northfield.org? Want to meet other photographers, talk about writing, suggest topics for future contests and projects? (Ok, we were going to announce it later, but we'll be doing this kind of group effort for football games and other events this fall.) Send a note—and any ideas you have—and we'll set up a very social get-together ASAP.

First of all, thanks to everyone who is sharing stories, photos and videos about the storms—and about everything that is going on in your lives. We had more than 1,500 visitors to the site (and over 4,300 views of the storm photo gallery!) on Thursday, a record for single-day number of visits.

That's what Northfield.org is all about: bringing people together. 

As you've demonstrated, it's easy to send things to us. We'll just give you a few tips here.

Hailstorm aftermath: be careful!

It goes without saying that everyone should be careful when cleaning up their homes, yards and vehicles following yesterday's storm. But it's just as important to exercise caution when having repairs made by others.

I managed to get a call back from my insurance agent this morning and learned a few important details. His advice was: Do not have any repairs made to your home or car until a representative from your insurance company has assessed the damage. If you can't get through to your particular agent, call the parent company and ask them how to proceed.

There have already been reports of local citizens being taken advantage of by unethical "storm chaser" scammers, and Police Chief Gary Smith has a great blog post up about using caution when hiring repair contractors.

"Dinner On Us" Membership Drawing

Week Eight Drawing:  Hogan Brothers

We are proud to announce that our eighth "Dinner On Us" gift certificate is for $50 to the Hogan Brothers.  By becoming a member of Northfield.org you will be entered into the Dinner On Us membership drawing.  The deadline for this week is midnight on August 27, with the winner being announced on Monday, August 28.

You don't have to contribute to enter, and if you don't win, your name will be forwarded to the next week's drawing. That means you'll have several chances to win.

To sign up now, just go to the New Member page. The suggested donation is $20 per year per person. Of course, if you'd like to suggest a higher number, we'd be thrilled and very grateful.

'Beat the Heat' photo contest draws great response

Wow! We received a whopping 66 entries in our Beat the Heat photo contest, which ended Friday. Our judges promise to have a winner announced by Monday.

In the meantime, feel free to voice your opinions in the comments area at the end of this story.

We'd like to thank everyone who sent photos of everything from butterflies to balloons to beautiful children. They include Megan Mobley, Scott Anfinson, Julian Westerhout, Joan and Carl Behr, Amy Goerwitz, Tim Jackson, Mitch Patrikus, Amanda McBrady, David Perez, and our own board members, Doug Bratland and Adam Gurno.

You can click on the photo mosaic to see the entire gallery of photos. And while you're at it, you can check out the more than 4,000 photos in our Northfield.org galleries.

Be patient and we'll have a winner soon. The grand prize will be $25 worth of ice cream and lemonade for you and your friends—as long as you agree to send photos of the party. (Our board members aren't eligible for the prize, they just entered for fun.)

St. Olaf Construction Panoramas & Wind Turbine Pix

I've been documenting the changes to the southeast corner of campus this summer, satisfying my addiction to panoramic photography and time-based imagery in the process. "I've made a mini-website to follow the construction progress, click here to view it":http://www.stolaf.edu/people/kelleyp/scipanos/.

The site requires the flash plugin, which you likely already have hidden away in your web browser.

There are currently 3 panoramas for most of the sites (1-6), the first shot June 1, the second July 30, the third Aug. 12. I added a few sites on my second shoot that seemed to be good spots from which to observe the changes. The interface lets you view an aerial photo or site plan, or some cross-dissolve of both. Roll your cursor over the labels to see which panoramas are available, and click the dates to open the imagery. The 360-degree panoramas can be 'panned' by clicking and dragging within the image.

I've "recently started a blog":http://scipanos.blogspot.com/ to post when I add images, and I'm also using it to post images of the wind turbine as it goes up:

"Dinner On Us" Membership Drawing

Week Seven Drawing:  James Gang Hideaway

We are proud to announce that our sixth "Dinner On Us" gift certificate is for $50 to the James Gang Hideaway.  By becoming a member of Northfield.org you will be entered into the Dinner On Us membership drawing.  The deadline for this week is midnight on August 20, with the winner being announced on Monday, August 21.

You don't have to contribute to enter, and if you don't win, your name will be forwarded to the next week's drawing. That means you'll have several chances to win.

To sign up now, just go to the New Member page. The suggested donation is $20 per year per person. Of course, if you'd like to suggest a higher number, we'd be thrilled and very grateful.

There's still time for summer photo fun

Sure. It's summer and you've been meaning to upload all those photos but you just haven't had time. We understand completely. Been there ourselves.

That's why we're going to extend our Beat the Heat photo contest a few more days. Now you have no excuses. Dig out your summer photos, or take a few, and send them to us by midnight Friday.  

The grand prize will be $25 worth of ice cream and lemonade for you and your friends—as long as you agree to send photos of the party. It's not a fortune, but on the other hand, you can have some fund with your friends and not get into too much trouble.

You can shoot people relaxing, beach scenes, kids eating drippy ice cream cones, nature scenes...we're pretty flexible around here. (As we've mentioned before swimsuit shots are allowed, but keep the topless photos for your personal albums.)

Anyone can enter, and you can send as many photos as you want. It's easy to enter:

1. Take photos.

2. Create an e-mail, attach photo.

3. Describe the photo, add your name.

4. Send to pictures@northfield.org.

That's it.

Deadline is midnight Friday, August 18. You can see all the current entries by clicking on the photo above.

Experimental Soaring Association visit Stanton Airfield

Stanton Airfield hosted the Midwest chapter of the Experimental Soaring Association (ESA) recently.  The gathering of 30 pilots met to discuss sailplane design, sailplane construction, and sailplane avionics.  A special visit was made by 3 pilots who own the new ultralight Sparrowhawk glider built by Windward Performance LLC at http://www.windward-performance.com/

These gliders represent the state of the art for Ultralight class sailplanes.  The gliders weight just 155 pounds and have a 36 foot wingspan.  They have a glide ratio of 36 and a top speed of 135 mph.  Each of the visiting sailplanes flew over Stanton during part of the workshop.

If you'd like to learn more about Soaring, including scheduling a ride, come visit us at Stanton Airfield or visit the website at http://stantonairfield.com.

Tom Rent is on the board of directors of the Stanton Airfield. 

Hometown guy wins "Dinner on Us" at the Tavern

Well, we have another winner in our "Dinner on Us" contest. Tim Freeland wins a $50 certificate to use at the Tavern—and our gratitude for helping support Northfield Citizens Online and Northfield.org.

Learn more about this great contest by clicking on the little waiter in the right column. You can make a donation of $20 and become a member, make a larger (or smaller) donation, or just register your name to win. You do a good deed, and every Monday, you've got a shot at dinner at one of Northfield's finest restaurants.

And now learn more about Tim. 

Tim has the distinction of being both a native son and a newcomer to town. And while his plans involve retailing, you won't see his shingle downtown.

We'll let him tell the story.  

"My address is 708 East Ridge Drive. I live with my 4-year-old daughter and have been back in Northfield for almost two years. I grew up here and graduated in 1991.

"While working in the Cities I was an eMarketing manager for Major League Baseball's online store. I am currently the owner and developer of a web store specific to Northfield gifts and collectibles. We look to launch NorthfieldStore.com in time for the 2006 Christmas season. We look to be an innovative platform in regards to Northfield's online presence.

St. Olaf named in 'Colleges That Change Lives'

St. Olaf College is one of 40 U.S. colleges listed in Colleges That Change Lives (Penguin, 2006), the influential guide by former New York Times education editor Loren Pope.

St. Olaf is the only Minnesota college to make the cut and the only Lutheran-affiliated school in the book. Other colleges on the list include Beloit College in Wisconsin, Reed College in Oregon and Denison University in Ohio — the previous employer of St. Olaf’s new president, David R. Anderson ’74.

“This book... will help youths of many levels of academic aptitude find catalytic colleges that will change their lives,” writes Pope. “In doing so it will free them from our system’s obscene obsession with academic aptitude, which does not determine achievement, satisfaction with life, or the merit of a human being.”

Director of St. Olaf Admissions Jerry Pope (no relation) says that many people he meets during the admissions process are passionate about Colleges That Change Lives. “It has a huge following,” says Pope, pictured above.

Northfield Swimming Pool Construction Update

Progress is being made on the new $2.85 million Northfield Swimming Pool at Memorial Field.  The construction started on July 7th and target opening date is June 2007.  The pictures show several sections of the new pool under construction along with the sign showing the completed pool.

More details, plans and documents can be found on the Pool Project section of the city website.

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