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This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere: Thanksgiving Edition

TWINB LogoThis Week in the Northfield Blogosphere is back with it's Thanksgiving Edition. The 'Sphere has much to be thankful for this year:

  1. We didn't get brained by The Hail of Doom.
  2. Campaign ads are done for another two years.
  3. Prolific Bloggers

In light of #3, let's get to it!

The US Government has wisened up and realized that Police Chief Gary Smith is a dangerous, dangerous man and has placed him on the TSA/Homeland Security "No Fly" List:

When I arrived in Denver to switch to Frontier Airlines - still in a secure area- I had to find an agent to get me another boarding pass and yup, even though I got off one plane and right onto another, I got my license out again and answered the same questions...again. When I inquired if I was still on "the list," I was told "yes."

Hayes Scriven of the Northfield Historical Society posts a really neat picture of a Northfield snowstorm in 1888.

Send us your holiday news!

Once again the holidays are upon us, with Thanksgiving just ahead and a host of others following close behind.

Please share your holiday news. Is your church or organization holding a special holiday meal, a campaign to provide food or toys to families or a community music program?

Is your business offering special holiday hours, shopping services, delivery or shipping options or other great reasons to shop here? Is your restaurant offering seasonal menu items, entertainment or other holiday specials? We'd love to hear from the local business organizations, but we also are happy to hear from individual businesses.

You can post the information yourself, just by clicking on the Submit News link at left. If you have questions or need help, just e-mail me at editor@northfield.org and I'll get back to you.  

And, as always, we'd love to see your family photos, your thoughts about the holidays and any other ideas that pop into your heads. You can join one of the conversations in the new Northfield.org Forums at left or start one of your own.

St. Olaf ranks No. 1 in students abroad

Submitted by Carole Leigh Engblom

Recognizing international study as an essential part of preparing for a successful career in a globally interdependent world, American students continue to study abroad in record numbers. The number of students studying abroad for academic credit increased by eight percent in 2004/05, bringing the total number to 205,983 students according to Open Doors 2006, the annual report on international education published by the Institute of International Education (IIE) with funding from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

A leader in international education, St. Olaf College retains its position as the number-one baccalaureate institution in the United States in both number and percentage of students who studied abroad in 2004/05. The Open Doors 2006 report was issued in conjunction with the nationwide observance of International Education Week.

St.Olaf Philharmonia to perform Monday

The St. Olaf Philharmonia, conducted by Visiting Professor of Music J. Robert Hanson, will perform its fall concert Monday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 p.m. in Boe Memorial Chapel. The concert, which will feature a solo clarinet performance by recently retired St. Olaf faculty member Jo Ann Polley, is free and open to the public.

Tutor a student and Grow Success!

Submitted by Martha Schultz

Grow Success, a Northfield High School tutoring program, is in need of passionate volunteer tutors from the community. 

Grow Success is committed to improving community involvement and academic achievement in youth from grades 9-12.  Grow Success was started earlier this year by me. I'm an Americorps Promise Fellow at the high school, and by the end of the school year, I hope to recruit a tutor for every student who is in need of academic assistance. 

Volunteer tutors are asked to commit only one hour per week, during or after school hours, to meet with a student and assist them in subjects such as basic math and science, literature, and history. 

A community cannot flourish without support.  By tutoring a student, you can help a student and the community grow to its full potential.  For more information on tutoring, please contact me at 612-203-6714 or martha.schultz@nfld.k12.mn.us

New Kwik Trip opens, workers scramble to finish project

The new Kwik Trip store on Highway 19 near Highway 3 opened this week. As soon as it did, workers demolished the familiar store in front of it and began work tearing up all the old fuel pumps and installing new tanks and pumps in the expanded space. Work should be done in a few weeks. We've got a small photo gallery of the current workKwik Trip is based in LaCrosse, Wis.

Thanks to Adam Gurno for the photos of the project.

Share the fun -- and your ideas -- at NCO annual meeting

It's that time of year...time to celebrate our accomplishments, thank our friends and plan our next adventures.

And you're all invited along for the fun. That's right. It's time for the Northfield Citizens Online annual meeting, Thursday, Dec. 14, at 7 p.m. at Carlson Capital Management. Paying members are special guests, but everyone who reads the site is welcome. No reservations are required, but we'd love to know if you're coming so we can plan refreshments. (We don't want to blow our tiny budget on cookies and then have to eat them all ourselves.)

You can come and meet and vote on our new board members, hear our plans for the new year -- and add your ideas and opinions. (Be warned that people with ideas get to help implement them.)

We'll have reports available in writing and will post them online after the meeting, so we can keep the business meeting short. We'll be around to show you how to post a story or join an online discussion.
But most of the evening will be devoted to fun, good conversation and a good start to 2007.

Carleton Students Explore New Media in New York and Europe

“I’ve got the 21st century breathing down my neck.”

That's the title of just one section of Roadtrip, the blog documenting Carleton’s newest study abroad program, the Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) department’s New Media Studies in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. The blog illustrates that this sentiment certainly rings true for the 22 students taking part in this ground-breaking trip.

New media” is the term for the myriad technological art forms and art-making techniques associated with computers or the Internet that have emerged in the last two decades. One course in this CAMS off-campus studies seminar is devoted to experiencing and discussing new media with curators and critics in these leading international art centers. A second course has students creating their own media works, documenting their discoveries and ideas through photography, video, audio and web sites.

The new Booker has arrived!

Editor's Note: Our old friend, Griff Wigley also managed to get some photos of the new Booker. You can check them out here.

City employees TJ and Ryan picked up the "new to us" bookmobile in Ohio yesterday and drove it back to Northfield.  Library staff and some Friends of the Library were on hand to get a first look at the new vehicle as it arrived at the City Street Shop last night.  It is nice, clean and very white! 

You can get a look at the NEW BOOKER at the Friends of the Library at the annual meeting on Thursday, November 16, at 6:30 p.m. in the library meeting room. This year we will have three great reasons for coming to the meeting. 

1. Henry Emmons (above, left) will be on hand to discuss his book "The Chemistry of Joy".
2. Our new book bus will be here for your inspection.
3. We will have our annual update on our last year's amazing accommplishments. Plus! we will elect our officers for next year.

Wednesday: 77F, Today: Six inches of snow

Temperature plotA band of southern Minnesota, from Northfield to Mankato received 4-7 inches of snow last night, according to the Star Tribune

The plot on the right is a temperature plot of the last seven days.  Notice the rise from 15F last Friday to 77F on Wednesday and back down again last night.

The forecast for today shows a high of 33, with mid forties in the next few days, so the snow might not last.

If you've got pictures of the snow today, like the First Snowman of the Year, or your kids waiting for the bus, or your dog covered in snow, please send it in and we'll put it in a gallery for everyone to see!.

Snowmobile Safety Class to begin November 13

Northfield Public Schools Community Services Division and the Waterford Warriors Snowmobile Club are offering a Snowmobile Safety course for youth ages 12-18.

Minnesota law requires a valid snowmobile safety certificate to operate a snowmobile on public property.  A safety class for snowmobile safety certificates will be given on November 13 and 20 in the Bridgewater Elementary Cafeteria.  You must be present at BOTH classes. The class meets from 6–9:30 p.m. and the registration fee for the class is $7.

For more information or to register for this class, stop at the Northfield Public Schools Community Services Division office located on the first floor of the Northfield Community Resource Center (NCRC) at 1651 Jefferson Parkway in Northfield, call 664-3649, or go online to www.nfld.k12.mn.us.

Locally Grown: Dixon Bond talks about politics

Retiring Northfield City Council Member Dixon Bond was our studio guest this week on "Locally Grown," discussing the pertinent issues for the upcoming city and county elections. See this blog entry for more.

Dixon is retiring this year from the City Council, so he brings an experienced and candid viewpoint to the show. 

"Locally Grown" is a weekly podcast, focused on local news and issues.

Griff Wigley is the ringleader of the Locally Grown team and a notorious local blogger.  

Attention all adult book groups!

The Northfield Public Library is compiling a list of e-mail addresses for book groups to let them know about new books, book lists, author visits, and other library events. 

If your group is interested in being on the list please call the reference desk at the library at 645-6608, or email Debby at debby@selco.lib.mn.us.

Communication cable cut caused Monday's outage

I received this note from Craig Dunton:

As hard as it may be to believe the Qwest fiber optic cable between Northfield and Owatonna was cut off again on Monday. This time it was about two miles north of Faribault in front of the new MetCon building. They did call for a location using the GopherOne system. When the contracted locators marked the fiber they were about 7 feet off. The result was the cutoff.

Craig D. Dunton RCDD/TPM
OSP Specialist/ LAN Specialist
Director of Telecommunications
St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges,
Shattuck-St. Mary's School

St. Olaf medical ethics center report featured in the Star Tribune

Thanks to David Gonnerman of St. Olaf College for making quick note of this on the campus website.

Have you ever thought about the ethics involved in deciding who would be allowed to receive limited vaccines in the case of a pandemic? The St. Olaf College-based Minnesota Center for Health Care Ethics made the front page of today's Star Tribune with a story about just that subject. Recommendations by a panel of experts that was convened by the center—including doctors, nurses, ministers, lawyers and health department representatives—has arrived at recommendations that differ from current federal guidelines.

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