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Colleges Bring Joy to the City of Northfield

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On December 9, 2014, Mayor Graham and City Administrator Haggenmiller proudly receive gifts from Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges totaling $155,000, $77,500 from each college.  Both colleges traditionally give an annual gift to the City in appreciation for the City services and support of the colleges. It’s a strong community partnership we plan to continue for years to come.


Pictured:  Janet Hanson, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of St. Olaf College, City of Northfield Mayor Dana Graham, City Administrator Nick Haggenmiller, and Fred Rogers, Vice President and Treasurer of Carleton College.

Second Street (MN TH 19) Bridge Lane Closure

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On November 24, 2014 Xcel Energy began preparations for boring a gas line underneath the Cannon River.  As part of those preparations, Xcel coordinated lane closures with MnDOT since that portion of Northfield’s Second Street is also MN TH 19.  Xcel estimates that their work will take approximately 3 weeks.  There will be additional work after that time; however, it is anticipated that the bridge will be reopened.  There may be other shorter closures in early 2015 as an existing gas main is removed from the bridge structure.

For additional information contact Brian Erickson, Interim Public Works Director/City Engineer at 507-645-3037,

City of Northfield Declares Snow Emergency

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Date:   November 26, 2014

SUBJECT: Snow Emergency

Date Snow Emergency is declared: 11/26/2014

Date residential streets will be plowed: 11/26/2014

Date all downtown parking lots except 5th & Washington Street are closed: 11/27/2014

Date of downtown snow removal: 11/28/2014

Date 5th & Washington Street lot is closured: 11/28/2014

Length of Snow Emergency: 72 hrs

The Public Works Department has declared a SNOW EMERGENCY for the City of Northfield.  The snow emergency will start on the date above and will continue until the streets are plowed curb-to-curb after the weather system has passed.  During the emergency there is NO PARKING OR TRASH/RECYCLING CANS ALLOWED ON CITY STREETS.

Safety Reminder


The Northfield Police Department and City of Northfield would like to remind the community to be very careful when responding to emails, paper mailings, and/or phone calls requesting Any personal info.  Recently, residents have reported receiving phone calls asking for information about where/how household members 

Announcing Vacancies On City Advisory Boards And Commissions


The City of Northfield is seeking applicants to fill volunteer positions on City advisory boards, commissions and committees.

At the end of December, the terms of several members of the City’s boards, commissions and committees will expire.  Please visit the City of Northfield’s website at information on all City boards and commissions. 

Over 100 citizen members annually provide valuable leadership to the City through their participation on these groups and special study committees.  

2014 Official Northfield Election Results

According to the City's abstract of election returns, 7,631 Northfield voters showed up at the polls, out of 11,836 registered voters, giving Northfield a 57% voter turnout. This is slightly above the state average. 

The results:

Parking In Northfield? Winter Parking Rules in Effect November 15, 2014

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Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson explains winter parking rules for the City of Northfield in this short video. 

Candidate Forums Available Online


Archived videos of the League of Women Voters of Northfield/Cannon Falls candidate forums are now available.

•    Northfield City Council Candidates - At-Large
Dale Gehring & Rhonda Pownell

•    Northfield City Council Candidates - Ward 1
Joe Gasior & Suzie Nakasian

•    Rice County Attorney Candidates
Paul Beaumaster & John Fossum

•    Northfield School Board CandidatesFritz Bogott, Margaret Colangelo, Julie Pritchard & Jeff Quinnell

VIDEO: Northfield School Board Meeting (October 27, 2014)

The Northfield School Board held its regular meeting on Monday, October 27, at 7:00 pm, in the high school media center. In the absence of Board chair Ellen Iverson, the meeting was chaired by vice chair Julie Pritchard. A full packet of material from the meeting can be found here. The highlight of the meeting was a presentation of the site improvement plan for Sibley Elementary School. The next regular meeting of the school board will be on Monday, November 10, at 7:00 pm, in the high school media center. 

League of Women Voters Candidate Forums NTV Broadcast Schedule - Cable Channel 187

As part of their Voter Service activities, the League of Women Voters of Northfield & Cannon Falls is pleased to announce the following candidate forum broadcast times on NTV - Channel 187:

Q&A: Suzie Nakasian -- Northfield City Council (First Ward)

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Suzie Nakasian is a candidate for the First Ward seat on the Northfield City Council. Her responses to questions are unedited. Learn more about Suzie by reading her "Geto to Know Her" Q&A.


Downtown parking is talked about a lot. Is there a problem and, if so, what should be done to remedy it?

I hear a lot about the downtown parking shortage from local residents, including 41 downtown business owners and employees who co-signed a letter urging the Council to remedy the problem.  Three parking studies confirm that there is a parking problem, and that the area of greatest need is the 200-300 block of Division towards the Library.

Q&A: John Fossum -- Rice County Attorney Candidate


John Fossum is a candidate for Rice County Attorney. His responses for are unedited. Learn more about John by reading his "Get to Know Him" Q&A.


How do you view the role of the county attorney?

The major function of the county attorney is to manage the office of the county attorney, to provide competent and effective advice to the county board and to provide regular training and updates on changes in law to law enforcement.  

Q&A: G. Paul Beaumaster -- Rice County Attorney Candidate


G. Paul Beaumaster is a candidate for Rice County Attorney. His responses for are unedited. Learn more about Paul by reading his "Get to Know Him" Q&A.


How do you view the role of the county attorney?

Q&A: Jeff Quinnell -- Northfield School Board Candidate


Jeff Quinnell is a candidate for the Northfield School Board. His responses for are unedited. Learn more about Jeff by reading his "Get to Know Him" Q&A.


Q&A: Julie Pritchard -- Northfield School Board Candidate


Julie Pritchard is a candidate for the Northfield School Board. Her responses for are unedited. Learn more about Julie by reading her "Get to Know Her" Q&A.


What do you think about required all-day, every day Kindergarten?

While districts statewide are mandated to provide a kindergarten program, in Minnesota children are not required to attend kindergarten.  State statue for compulsory attendance begins at the age of 7.  

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