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Submitting your blog for inclusion in the aggregator is incredibly easy. Just use our contact form, and provide us with your blog feed URI1. If you don't know your feed URI, just supply us with your blog's main URI and we'll handle the rest.

We'll review your blog, and if it meets NCO's criteria and guidelines, we'll add it to our blogosphere. Your articles will then be syndicated on our site automatically. Please note, is by no means obligated to include a blog in our blogosphere.We will accept/reject blog submissions, or remove aggregated blogs at our discretion.

Criteria and Gudelines

  1. Content: Article titles cannot contain swear words/expletives. If titles include offensive words, we will not syndicate the blog. If we find an expletive in an article title, we'll remove the feed, permanently.
  2. Atom feeds: If your blog publishes "Atom" feeds (different from "RSS" feeds), you must first syndicate that through Feedburner, then provide us with your Feedburner feed URI. At this time, does not support native Atom feeds (but will, soon).
  3. Feed validation: We validate all feeds for well-formedness and technical correctness before including them in the blogosphere. If your feed does not vaildate, we'll let you know, and the feed will not be added until it is corrected (it is up to you to resubmit your feed after it's been corrected). Please do not ask us to fix or help troubleshoot your feeds. It's yours to correct. We do not support users' blogs.
  4. Article/Feed item frequency: Syndicated items which are a month old are purged from's aggregator to make room for fresh items. If a blog in the aggregator/blogosphere has very old, or no feeds, they will be deleted from the aggregator. If you request that your blog is re-added, we will re-add your blog up to three times. It takes lots of time and efort on our part in order to verify and validate blog feeds, and being a 100% volunteer effort, we can't afford to constantly maintain previously defunct feeds in the aggregator at bloggers' requests. Please do your part to maintain a healthy, active blog.
  5. Blog Longevity & Sustainability: A newly submitted blog must be at least one month old, or must have at least 30 articles published (whichever comes first), in order to be considered for inclusion in the blog aggregator. We cannot accept new blogs that have been "online" for less than one month.

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[1] Uniform Resource Identifier