How to Sponsor

Sponsorship Rates is supported solely by membership donations and sponsorships from local businesses. In exchange for sponsorship, we provide graphical banners at the top of the site.

The rate is:

$250/year - a minimum of 5% of page views will show your banner.

We limit banners to 20 at a given time to assure the page view percentage.

Sponsorship Banners

Sponsorship Banners on our site are support ads, as opposed to traditional promotional ads. As such, they are simpler, consisting primarily of a logo, name, message of support, or very general message and contact information. The message must NOT contain a "call to action," such as "buy our products," but may promote a product or service, such as "20% off all widgets in February." Clicking on the banner will redirect the user to the web site of your choosing.

  • Banner Size: 350x70 pixels
  • File Formats: PNG, GIF (non-transparent), JPEG
  • Animation is acceptable on a limited basis – i.e. simple transitions (no flashing)

Site Statistics

In 2014, received:

  • 146,741 pageviews
  • 84,381 visits
  • 46,158 unique visitors

For more information, please contact us.