Photo Gallery flickr banner has an extensive photo gallery; thousands of pictures covering the people, places, and events that make up our quiet little burg.

There are many ways for you to look at the pictures, so here’s what we recommend:

  • Our Photo Albums – This is the classic way and popular way to view online images. The pictures are grouped into logical sets for easy viewing.
  • Tag Cloud – A more modern way of organizing images. Each image has been given one or more ‘tags’ to describe it – single words that classify an image or explain something about it. These tags are collected together and display alphabetically, but sized according to the number of times they’re used. The larger the word, the more times it has been given to images. Click on any word to view all images with that tag on them.
  • View images by Date Taken – There are times where you don’t know which gallery an image would be sent to, nor what tags someone might place on it, but you do know the date that it was taken on. In this view, you can browse our pictures by the date they were taken. You’ll get some nifty visual calendars when you drill into it, as the images are grouped by the day that they were snapped.

Please feel free to leave your own comment on any of the pictures. Not only are you allowed to do that, we encourage it. If you’re too shy to leave a comment, but would still like to add something about a picture, consider adding a tag, which is just a single word description.

Thanks, and enjoy the pictures!