Ways to contribute content

There are several ways for area citizens to produce and contribute content to Northfield.org:

  1. Add comments to existing content
  2. Contribute a story
  3. List your event
  4. Publish your own weblog or podcast

Attach comments to existing content
Constructive feedback and commentary can make any item more valuable. Chime in on the spot to any story, page or other item that has the comment feature enabled.

Northfield.org wants to encourage citizen participation in topics related to Northfield, MN. We encourage your comments; your ideas and concerns are important. We expect that participants will treat each other with respect.

Comments are not moderated or reviewed before posting. We may remove comments that contain vulgar or abusive language or personal attacks of any kind. We may also delete comments that are spam, advertising, or otherwise don't contribute to a positive community dialogue.

Comments posted on Northfield.org do not represent the opinions of anyone but the poster.

Be kind to each other, okay?

Contribute a story
Whenever you want to report on something that the community could benefit from, submit it as a "story." You'll give it a title and select a category such as Arts & Entertainment, Business, Sports, et al.

Stories are more interesting if they're told in your own voice (first person tense), as opposed to using a "press release" style. It's fine to make yourself part of the story, even in small ways. For example:

"I was at last night's city council meeting and they passed an ordinance..."
"I happened to walk by this group of kids on Bridge Square and took their photo..."

Your story should be factual and, in general, devoid of adjectives and tone that reflect your opinion. A "gorgeous" housing development might be another person's "ugly sprawl." It should links to other websites whenever they are logical and helpful to the reader. It should also contain at least one photo or other image.

While announcements of new businesses and even new products are welcome, Northfield.org will not accept posts about specific sales or that are blatant attempts at advertising your business. We do offer sponsorship banners to businesses and organizations that want to promote themselves on Northfield.org.

Our volunteer editors review all submissions at least once a day to consider them for promotion to the front page. We ask that you submit all stories at least 24 hours before you'd like them to appear on Northfield.org. Editors reserve the right to reject stories/submissions.

Submit a story now! (you must be logged in to submit a story)

Add an event to our event calendar

This is exactly the same as adding a story (above), except that events have a date and time associated with them and show up in our right sidebar and our monthly event calendar. They are also published immediately, without waiting for editorial approval.

Submit an event now! (you must be logged in to submit an event)

Publish your own weblog or podcast
You can use a commercial weblog service such as Blogger or Typepad to start your own blog. You can install weblog software such as WordPress or Movable Type on your own website.  You can add podcasting to your weblog with a service like Audioblog.com.

Contact us when you get your blog or podcast going and we'll consider adding it to our blogosphere listing and aggregating your RSS feed.

But it all starts with registering as a user, so join your fellow citizen producers today! (NOTE: We have temporarily disabled self-signups. Please email contactus@northfield.org to request login and password.)