Public Bulletin Boards


  1. Public bulletin boards
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Public Bulletin Boards

This is a list of 'bulletin boards/public notice' areas in Northfield.  These boards allow anyone to post anything they'd like, generally in the standard 8.5x11 paper size with the little tear-y things at the bottom.
  • Goodbye Blue Monday
  • Econofoods, talk to anybody.
  • The Tavern
  • The back hallway of The Kitchen
  • Northfield Public Library -  Only open to Nonprofits - please submit posts to Reference Desk.
  • Hogan Bros
  • Quarterback Club

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Flyer-friendly businesses

Local businesses that are flyer-friendly:

  • KYMN
  • YMCA/Armory
  • Community Resource Bank
  • Premier Bank

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This list is always changing.  If you know of any additions or subtractions, please let us know - either by leaving a comment or using the contact form.

Thanks to Quintin Wilson and the Northfield Public Library.

P.S. Don't forget to bring your own thumbtacks and tape.  Preferably the tacks with the little plastic handles and not the flat ones that break thumbnails.   Please, we're begging you.