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Give online at  Heads up to those of you who give to Minnesota nonprofits--and to the organizations themselves.  In the next few weeks this new Minnesota-centered online giving website will be launched.  There are plenty of benefits for the donors and for the organizations.

Donors will be able to give with just a few clicks--easier than online bill-paying!  Your giving history will remain available to you.  This will be great when tax time rolls around.  If you are passionate about a cause, you can search by issues for those organizations that will fit your mission.

Organizations can increase their visibility by becoming part of the search engine.  The best part?  Sufficient funds have been raised so there will be no transaction fees to the nonprofit (I'm not sure how long the money will last--but hopefully a year or so??).

Most donors aren't aware that the cost of credit card transaction fees lessen the amount available for the community, so this is a huge bonus.  It should only take about 10-15 minutes for an organization to sign up.  Attend a webinar for more detailed information.

Donors and organizations can sign up now and be ready for the roll-out.  Watch for details of "Give to the Max Day" when we expect some matching funds to be available.

Check out the website for more information on everything about this opportunity.

Jacqui Dorsey

p.s.  I'm a board member of Minnesota Community Foundation and The Saint Paul Foundation--the originators and driving forces behind this website.  Note, however, the words here are my own.  If there are any errors or inconsistencies there is no one to blame but me!