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Star Tribune
''Lord of the Rings'' producer visiting Carleton
Barrie Osborne, who as executive producer of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy won a Best Picture Academy Award, will visit Carleton College April 16 and 17 for the first-ever Carleton Film Colloquium.

Metro labyrinths multiply
How much peace and self-awareness can one man stand? It's a touchy subject for Dennis Moriarty of Stillwater. As part of his wife's labyrinth-making business

New photo gallery tool

We've installed a new server-based photo gallery that has a number of cool features:

1. Anyone can attach comments to any of the photos

2. Photos can be viewed in a looping slideshow

3. Anyone can order prints of any photo from your choice of four online photo-processing services: Shutterfly, EZ Prints, Fotokasten, and PhotoAccess. Prints can be 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, or wallet-sized.

4. We can issue free accounts to local citizens who want to create a community-oriented photo gallery and upload the photos to it themselves. Contact Us if you're interested.

We've put up two of our most popular galleries to date using this new gallery tool: the Northfield Arts Guild Auction from last month and the Northfield Historical Society Auction from last October. Let us know if you experience problems with the gallery or have suggestions on how to improve it.

Northfield Reads!


Northfield Reads!, the communitywide book group, featured an appearance at the UCC tonight by Michael Perry, author of Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time.



Northfield Reads! is an ongoing program designed to bring various community members together in the shared experience of a good book.

Northfield Reads! is sponsored by River City Books, the City of Northfield, the Northfield Public Library and the St. Olaf and Carleton college bookstores. "Population 485" is the second selection in the program.

ISSUES discussion list guidelines

"ISSUES" is an email discussion list for Northfield, MN area citizens to discuss local public policy issues. It's hosted by Northfield Citizens Online and moderated by me, Griff Wigley.

To get a feel for what's currently being discussed on the list, visit the ISSUES archives.

We do have a few guidelines regarding participation.

Advertising on

Earlier this week the Strib ran a front-page article titled Low cost, high impact: Ads on Weblogs score a political hit

We've started to experiment with Blogads here on by placing an ad box in the right-hand column. We're running them for free for now, so if anyone local with a business or project to promote, contact us and I'll give you the code to use to create an ad, free for a month via Blogads.

If you're reading this post via email, the ad won't be visible in the upper right nav column since it's generated 'dynamically' when the website is refreshed. So here's a snapshot example, without any working links:

NAG Auction Photo Gallery

Last night's Northfield Arts Guild Auction for the Arts was another booming success.

See the NAG Auction Photo gallery for dozens of photos of the silent auction, Ed Kuhlman wowing the crowd at the live auction, and the dignitaries, high society, and muckity mucks of Northfield schmoozing and putting on the ritz for the arts.
And a tip-of-the-hat to Ray Cox of Northfield Construction and Norman Butler of the Contented Cow and Chapati for use of their digital cameras.

(High-resolution versions of these photos and most of the photos in our photo gallery, suitable for prints, are available. Contact me if you're interested.)

(Late addition: 30 or additional photos have been added to the gallery, courtesy of David Bly.)


We've got our first RSS newsfeeds working. See the lower right-hand column of this page for a newsfeed from the League of Women Voters Northfield weblog and another of national headlines from the New York Times.

More experimentation to come.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
Reaping the wind: Carleton planning energy turbine
Carleton College in Northfield is spending $1.7 million in endowment funds to put a giant wind turbine near campus to show its commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

St. Olaf College poised to get into the telephone business
The small liberal arts college of St. Olaf already has a world-renowned music program but could soon make history as the first college in Minnesota to start a telephone company since federal deregulation in 1996.

Legislators seek disposal of TV monitors, made easy
The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ray Cox, R-Northfield, and Sen. Linda Higgins, DFL-Minneapolis, sets up a process for manufacturers to collect and recycle discarded cathode-ray tubes.

March 11 citizen events

Thursday, March 11th, 7-9 PM
Northfield Community and Recreation Center (NCRC), Room S103-105
1651 Jefferson Parkway
See the LWV Northfield weblog for details.

Hosted by: City Council member Dana Graham and City Administrator Susan Hoyte
Thursday, March 11th, 7-9 PM
United Methodist Church
1401 Maple

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
Book Mark: He'd like credit for flap
Jeff Barge, 46, a New York publicist for books, pens, Alka-Seltzer and other products, is approaching his 25th reunion at Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., with increasing anxiety over how he stacks up against the other alums.

St. Olaf Choir CD strikes a chord with the troops
With the help of an anonymous donor, St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., is shipping copies of its renowned choir's 1999 recording, "Great Hymns of Faith," to any military chaplain who asks. More than 2,000 have been shipped to the service branches since the program started last May, drawing thanks from many who said the hymns have been a comfort in difficult times and places.

Pioneer Press
Videoconferencing a main tool for deaf
Computer-based videoconferencing is coming of age as a communication tool for deaf people who use American Sign Language and want to easily interact over the Internet with friends, relatives and colleagues. ... in range of such a network. Sean Virnig of Northfield, Minn., is able to videoconference ...

[If you know of items that should be considered for inclusion in our regular "Northfield, Northfielders In The News" blog post, Contact Us.

Recent posts from other Weblogs

On the lower right navigation bar on this page, we now have a section titled:

Recent posts from other Weblogs

It automatically imports the first few lines from the three most recent weblog posts of those who've taken us up on our offer to area citizens to host civic-oriented weblogs for free.

It's all part of our Civic Blogosphere project.

Next up: syndicated feeds from other area ( weblogs via RSS.

Updated Non-profits & Education directories

We've begun updating our directories of area non-profits and educational organizations with websites.

Thanks to volunteer Chip Cuccio for taking on the project.

Do you have a suggestion or correction for a listing there? Use our form.

NCO/ volunteers needed

We've established an email discussion list for volunteers, board members, and other citizens interested in helping Northfield Citizens Online, the 501c3 organization that hosts this site.

Join us!

In the Northfield Blogosphere

A roundup of recent civic-oriented posts to the area's weblogs.

Precinct Caucuses
Reports from David Bly and Ray Cox.

Kuhlman Auction
The next time you are at a fundraising auction look at the items that have been donated and see who has donated them. Thank those donors when you have a chance. Stop in their place of business and acknowledge them. Frequently the donated items represent a very personal part of the donor. I wish I could thank all the people who donate baked goods, vacations at their cabins, hand-made items, antiques, and other things. I have had the privilege of selling several hand-made birdhouses donated by Ray Cox. I have sold hours and hours of tennis lessons donated by Charlie Cogan. I have sold gourmet German dinners donated by Peggy Prowe. The list goes on and on. Then look around at the people who are bidding on these items. These are your friends and neighbors. People like Brett Reese and Charlie Kyte and Norman Butler and dozens and dozens of unsung community heroes. Many times these are some of the same people who have donated items for the auction. The money raised at these auctions usually stays right here. It goes for people and projects that help the people we know. It is a grass-roots way to build community.

(Any area citizen can host a free, civic-oriented weblog here at Contact us if you're interested or join the civic blogosphere discussion topic in the Web Cafe.

Caucuses tonight

It's Super Tuesday and that means caucuses here in Minnesota at 7 pm tonight.

In Northfield, the caucus locations are:

DFL party: Northfield Middle School
Green Party: Village School of Northfield
Independence Party: Bridgewater Elementary School
Republican Party: Northfield H.S. Auditorium

See the League of Women Voters Northfield Voter Info page for details.

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