Web Cafe vs. new ISSUES discussion list

We're experimenting with different ways that Northfield.org can promote/enhance online discussions.

forum_5.gif Since our inception a decade ago, we've primarily hosted discussions using a message board, much like the one in the Web Cafe. It takes considerable work to host/moderate a full-fledged, message board/web forum community and not everyone gravitates to the model.

So we've pared back the scale of what we provide in the Web Caf

Domain changeover

We're in the final stages of the process of moving our domain, northfield.org, and the server it sits on.


is now fully interchangeable with


You'll see plenty of both domain names as you move about our website and its various ares like the photo gallery, web cafe, email lists, and weblogs.

Please Contact Us if you experience any glitches.

Our thanks to Bob Courchaine at Northfield Internetworking who has graciously donated server space and bandwidth during the many months of this interim period.

Spring Fling photo gallery

The Northfield Chamber of Commerce hosted its first Spring Fling yesterday.


See all the photos in the Spring Fling gallery.


AA/NA Meeting for Young People

From Janet Clements:

I know its late, BUT... is it possible to run a short blurb [re] a NEW AA/NA (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous) Meeting for Young People?

The time is Sat. eves 8pm at UCC Church on Union St, (across from the old Middle School). This is type of meeting is new to town. We are inviting all young people with a desire to get clean to join us.

Just Food Coop meeting


Ron Griffith, Just Food Coop board member, speaking to a packed house at last night's community meeting at the UCC Church.


See all 39 photos in the photo gallery.

Orrin Delong selected for DJJD Heywood Award


At 5:30 pm today in the Northfield Historical Society Museum, Orrin Delong was ambushed by Defeat of Jesse James Days General Chairman Debbie Larsen and a posse of community folks and told that he was the recipient of the Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award which ... is given to a Northfield citizen who exemplifies the commitment to public service which Joseph Lee Heywood lived and died for.



See all the photos of the occasion in the photo gallery and feel free to add coments and captions.

Downtown Spring Fling May 1

The Northfield Chamber of Commerce is hosting its first Spring Fling on Saturday, May 1.

(Photo from the '03 Crazy Days gallery. Click to enlarge.)

Nfld News: Chamber's Spring Fling is set for Saturday
The Spring Fling, which takes place Saturday downtown, is meant as a springtime complement to the successful Crazy Days and Winter Walk events, said David Schlosser, chairman of the chamber's retail committee.

Spring Fling Run

From Ross Currier:

Can you post a notice that the NDDC is sponsoring a "Run Downtown" during the Chamber's "Spring Fling"? Registration is at 8:30, the race starts at 9 am. It's about 1.75 miles long, taking the runners through some interesting points in downtown. There's no entrance fee, there will be some prizes. It's mostly an effort to get some people downtown just before the stores open at 10.


Spotlight: Citizen Blogosphere posts

Scott Schumacher is raising funds for the MN AIDS walk.

Bruce Morlan explains why dreams that foretell future events don't quite pass muster with him.

Citizen Wig acknowledges progress on online Hwy 3 project updates but is still whining.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
Ecology bus moves students' minds
"This is awesome," said the 8-year-old, a third-grader at Bridgewater Elementary School in Northfield. "This is the best bus ever." ... The program arose from a group of citizens who were looking for ways to preserve the Heron Lake watershed near Windom, Minn. One of their plans was to build an environmental learning center near the lake. "But the population is so spread out down there," said Dennis Wilcox, chairman of the bus program's operating board."

Seeker's diary: Skinner Memorial Chapel, Carleton College, by Amy Gage
The "Religious Life" page of the Carleton College Web site offers links to a calendar and a list of the college's various religious groups -- from Baha'i to Zen -- as well as to a page warning students about "high-pressure groups. "

Senior housing moving to downtown Northfield
A housing development will let seniors live a short walk from downtown Northfield and not much farther from St. Olaf and Carleton colleges.

Real Lives Aloud May 7-8

From Paul Krause:

poster-for-real-lives-aloud.jpeg Just to let you know that our storytelling ensemble is performing May 7 and May 8 at the Northfield Arts Guild Theater. This potentially life changing event should not be missed! This is an amazing group of people with marvelous personal stories to share. You'll laugh, you'll cry (money back guarantee if no tears are shed or laughter aroused).

Tickets are available at the Northfield Arts Guild office. All the expenses are covered by a grant so all proceeds will go to the good work of Friends Anonymous of Northfield. Hope you can join us.

More info on Story Circles International.

Food Forum May 8

From Bob Ciernia:

On May 8 there will be a Community Forum titled

Hospital Reuse

From David Suderman:

My study of the historical and legal background to the Way Park/Hospital Site issue (61 page PDF doc) is done. It is long and detailed. Can you make use of it in some way?

Nfld News: Hospital reuse proposals due in two weeks

Subscribing to Northfield.org's NCO News

We've made subscribing to Northfield.org's NCO News easier and hopefully a little clearer.

On the upper right, there's now a Subscribe area, where you can either subscriber to our RSS feed or to a text or HTML version of the enewsletter.

There's also a link to our original post about RSS and the various terms like newsfeeds, syndication, aggregation, etc. and this little XML icon xml.gif.

Newsfeeds from the Blogosphere

We continue to experiment with our civic blogosphere newsfeeds on the right column of this web page.

There are now two sections of feeds:

1. Organization weblog newsfeeds
We're using a service called MediaScooper to combine recent posts from the blogs of the League of Women Voters, David Bly, and Ray Cox. (David and Ray are organizations? Hey, at least we don't call them institutions!) The feed doesn't identify where the posts are coming from but you can mouse over the title of each post and look in your browser's status bar to see where it's going to take you. Clicking on it will open up a new browser window. The feed is updated every hour or so, and the posts are randomly ordered.

We'd like to add newsfeeds from the NDDC weblog and the Boy Scouts weblog but thus far, they're not syndicating their content.

2. Citizen weblog newsfeeds
We put these in a separate section, in part because they're blogs that sit on our server and there's a more efficient way to import the blog posts. The newsfeeds update immediately whenever a citizen updates their blog.

Contact Us if you have a suggestion or would like a weblog for yourself, your non-profit organization, or community project.

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