Hospital Reuse

From David Suderman:

My study of the historical and legal background to the Way Park/Hospital Site issue (61 page PDF doc) is done. It is long and detailed. Can you make use of it in some way?

Nfld News: Hospital reuse proposals due in two weeks

Subscribing to's NCO News

We've made subscribing to's NCO News easier and hopefully a little clearer.

On the upper right, there's now a Subscribe area, where you can either subscriber to our RSS feed or to a text or HTML version of the enewsletter.

There's also a link to our original post about RSS and the various terms like newsfeeds, syndication, aggregation, etc. and this little XML icon xml.gif.

Newsfeeds from the Blogosphere

We continue to experiment with our civic blogosphere newsfeeds on the right column of this web page.

There are now two sections of feeds:

1. Organization weblog newsfeeds
We're using a service called MediaScooper to combine recent posts from the blogs of the League of Women Voters, David Bly, and Ray Cox. (David and Ray are organizations? Hey, at least we don't call them institutions!) The feed doesn't identify where the posts are coming from but you can mouse over the title of each post and look in your browser's status bar to see where it's going to take you. Clicking on it will open up a new browser window. The feed is updated every hour or so, and the posts are randomly ordered.

We'd like to add newsfeeds from the NDDC weblog and the Boy Scouts weblog but thus far, they're not syndicating their content.

2. Citizen weblog newsfeeds
We put these in a separate section, in part because they're blogs that sit on our server and there's a more efficient way to import the blog posts. The newsfeeds update immediately whenever a citizen updates their blog.

Contact Us if you have a suggestion or would like a weblog for yourself, your non-profit organization, or community project.

Granny D photos

From Bright Spencer:

I have a few photos of Granny D's visit to Northfield today.

1GranCamper.jpg 1Granny3.jpg
Granny's camper; and Granny at the home of Nancy Child, with Nancy (top) and Bright Spencer (right). Click the photo thumbnails for larger images.

Nfld News: Walk for democracy set

Environmental workshops

From Dana Kraus at Carleton:

There will be a series of workshops on current environmental issues on April 24 at Carleton College. There will be ongoing workshops from 1:00 to 5:00pm.

Those who wish to attend can stop by our welcome center in Great Hall in the Sayles-Hill student center to pick a schedule of events. Workshops will be held in classrooms in Leighton Hall. All are invited to attend.

Maggie Lee photo gallery


The Northfield Historical Society featured a presentation tonight by Maggie Lee, "lifelong Northfield resident, journalist, editor of Northfield News and keen observer of the local scene."

See all the pictures of her and her adoring fans in the Maggie Lee photo gallery. All the photos are suitable for prints and can be ordered online.

And stop by the NHS website to contribute to their captital campaign to "Help repair and restore Northfield's Scriver Building at the corner of Bridge Square and Division."

In the Northfield Blogosphere

A roundup of recent civic-oriented posts to the area's weblogs.

New civic blogs
Alex Beeby and Scott Schumacher join the citizen blogosphere. Their blogs are now listed on the blogosphere page and recent posts are automatically imported into the right-hand column of this page. And Northfield Boy Scout troop 344 has a weblog.

LWV Northfield
A photo gallery of the Housing Bus Tour

David Bly
The Minnesota DFL Senate District 25 held its Endorsing Convention in LeSueur. Bly was nominated and endorsed for Minnesota House District 25B.

Ray Cox
The Rice-Scott Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU) convention held its convention at St. Olaf. Cox was nominated and endorsed for Minnesota House District 25B.

Citizen Wig
... takes a first crack at vlogging (video blogging) and has a 40 second commentary on City of Northfield's use of the Internet.

(Any area citizen can host a free, civic-oriented weblog here at Contact us if you're interested.)

NEC Photo gallery

The Northfield Enterprise Center (NEC) held its first Entrepreneurship Seminar and Mixer last night.
Panelists included (L to R): Anne Lundstrom, All-Flex Inc, Joan & Jim Spaulding, James Gang Coffee House, Norman Butler, Chapati and the Contented Cow; moderator Bill Cowles.

See all the schmoozing photos in the NEC gallery.

Over and Back


The next Over and Back show "Weather (or Not)" on April 16-18 is a benefit for:

1) Booker, the bookmobile of the Northfield Public Library
2) Freepops, a program providing enrichment opportunities for low- income Rice County youth

See their newly designed website for all the details.

Sesquicentennial committee

The Sesquicentennial Committee held a community meeting tonight at the Northfield Public Library.

Mary Rossing, Northfield Historical Society, and Dan Freeman, committee chair.

For more, see the article in this week's Northfield News.

EDA mtg photos

The Northfield Economic Development Authority (EDA) met this morning at City Hall with business owners who are impacted by the Highway 3 project.

EDA members (Front row, L to R) Dave Shumway, Joe Hargis, Tracy Davis, Paul Smith.

NDDC mtg photos

The NDDC hosted its monthly meeting on Tuesday, featuring a presentation by Pat Vincent, CEO of Three Links Care Center, and Kari Sobeck from the Collegeville Development Group (CDG) re: their plans for the former Petricka's site.

CDG calls their development the Village on the Cannon and has opened an office on Water St. next to Froggy Bottoms.

Video blogging

A new weblog called Channel 9 from a team of developers at Microsoft is generating lots of interest among the tech crowd. Their use of video clips embedded right into the blog is appealing... and something we'd like to try here at NCO.

Let us know if you have interest in pursuing this with us.

Northfield Enterprise Center panel

The Northfield Enterprise Center (NEC) is kicking off the first in a series of monthly Entrepreneurship Seminar and Mixers, beginning April 13th. Local entrepreneur panelists for the next event include:

- Norman Butler, Chapati and the Contented Cow

- Jim and Joan Spaulding, James Gang Coffee House

- Anne Lundstrom, All-Flex Inc.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
''Lord of the Rings'' producer visiting Carleton
Barrie Osborne, who as executive producer of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy won a Best Picture Academy Award, will visit Carleton College April 16 and 17 for the first-ever Carleton Film Colloquium.

Metro labyrinths multiply
How much peace and self-awareness can one man stand? It's a touchy subject for Dennis Moriarty of Stillwater. As part of his wife's labyrinth-making business

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