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In the Northfield Blogosphere

A roundup of recent civic-oriented posts to the area's weblogs.

Precinct Caucuses
Reports from David Bly and Ray Cox.

Kuhlman Auction
The next time you are at a fundraising auction look at the items that have been donated and see who has donated them. Thank those donors when you have a chance. Stop in their place of business and acknowledge them. Frequently the donated items represent a very personal part of the donor. I wish I could thank all the people who donate baked goods, vacations at their cabins, hand-made items, antiques, and other things. I have had the privilege of selling several hand-made birdhouses donated by Ray Cox. I have sold hours and hours of tennis lessons donated by Charlie Cogan. I have sold gourmet German dinners donated by Peggy Prowe. The list goes on and on. Then look around at the people who are bidding on these items. These are your friends and neighbors. People like Brett Reese and Charlie Kyte and Norman Butler and dozens and dozens of unsung community heroes. Many times these are some of the same people who have donated items for the auction. The money raised at these auctions usually stays right here. It goes for people and projects that help the people we know. It is a grass-roots way to build community.

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Caucuses tonight

It's Super Tuesday and that means caucuses here in Minnesota at 7 pm tonight.

In Northfield, the caucus locations are:

DFL party: Northfield Middle School
Green Party: Village School of Northfield
Independence Party: Bridgewater Elementary School
Republican Party: Northfield H.S. Auditorium

See the League of Women Voters Northfield Voter Info page for details.

In the Northfield Blogosphere

A roundup of recent posts to the area's civic weblogs.

Notes for an after action report by Scott W. Johnson
My presentation on Winston Churchill at St. Olaf College yesterday turned into an unexpectedly exhilarating experience for me... I was originally invited to submit an application to lead one of 40 seminars to be given at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum hosted this year by St. Olaf College.

David Bly
Charter Schools and Public Schools - Proper Funding is Essential for Success
Representative Cox blogged about a recent Star Tribune article that mentions Northfield's three Charter Schools, which raised the positive aspects of Charter schools and also concerns that traditional educators have about them. This is especially important in the present mood to under-fund traditional education and the difficulty public schools face, given lack of funding, in their efforts to present a full array of 'choices' for students.

Ray Cox
Charter Schools
The Star Tribune quoted me saying "I'm kind of a little free-market guy" and went on to note that I like the fact that families dictate the success of charter schools. That's one aspect of charter schools that I really like. In America, we allow individuals and businesses to be as successful as possible, and also to fail at will. I think schools need to look at some of that same modeling. Charter schools do that.

Northfield Downtown Development Corporation
Rigors of Downtown Improvement Funding
For those downtown business owners who have wondered how to find the time and money to enhance the outside of their store or business, the NDDC has come up with a solution.

League of Women Voters Northfield
Judicial Independence Forum
A LWV forum on Judicial Independence was held at the Northfield Community Resource Center last night. Marcia Walters introduced the panelists: District Court Judge William Johnson, State Senator Tom Neuville, and Assistant Rice County Attorney Nate Reitz. Eve Webster moderated. See the photo gallery of the event for more photos.

Feb. 9 Northfield City Council Meeting - Observer's Report
An especially interesting agenda item listed a request that the council hold a public hearing to consider vacating a utility easement for 401 Fifth Street West. This turned out to be a part of the preparation of that property for the building of a Walgreens store. The Walgreens will replace the Hardee's restaurant which is now there but will soon be demolished. The request was approved.

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Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
Former President Carter says Americans generally oblivious to suffering elsewhere in the world
Former President Jimmy Carter delivered a Saturday sermon to a standing-room-only crowd at St. Olaf College, condemning the American people as much as their leaders for what he called their indifference to the disease and despair that prevail in much of the developing world.

Edwards, Kucinich woo Twin Cities
Kucinich's morning speech at United Food and Commercial Workers Local 789 headquarters in South St. Paul drew about 100 people. Other rallies at Carleton College in Northfield and the University of Minnesota were scheduled for later in the day.

Diversity -- of the intellectual sort -- in short supply at St. Olaf, students say
There's a lack of diversity at the Northfield, Minn., college, they say. Intellectual diversity.

Bill would overhaul child support rules
The legislation has dozens of provisions designed to make Minnesota's child support formula more fair to both parents, Sen. Tom Neuville, R-Northfield, told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Northfield High graduate leads Carleton women's basketball team
It wasn't that the sophomore forward [Megan Vig] from Northfield was trying to isolate herself from her teammates. She simply couldn't see.

Jennings testing school board's loyalty
Charlie Kyte, longtime Northfield schools superintendent who once tried to close a school, sympathizes with Jennings.Now executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, Kyte commends Jennings for his willingness to tackle the structural issues that his predecessor, Carol Johnson, also recognized. That will make the job easier for Jennings

Carleton Arb in Winter

Prompted by Leif Knecht's recent weblog entry in which he mentioned skiing in the Carleton Arb, I ventured out with a camera and snapped a few photos on Sunday when the snow was fresh, crisp, and deep... the first time in five years that I remember such conditions.
See the entire gallery of Arb in Winter photos, as well as all the photo galleries.

Northfield, Northfielders In the News

Vocal Virtuosity: Highly acclaimed St. Olaf Choir takes on 500 years of music
Founded back in 1912, the St. Olaf Choir, based in Northfield, Minn., is widely considered among the nation's best choral ensembles.

Star Tribune
School leaders have mixed feelings about adding charter schools
When it comes to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's plans to boost the number of Minnesota charter schools, Northfield is ahead of the curve. There are three charter schools in the education-rich area, all of which are sponsored by the Northfield school district.

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Key/Union of Youth Auction photo gallery


See all the photos from tonight's auction for The Key/Northfield Union of Youth at Hogan Brothers.

New businesses

Bookfellows is open on Division Street in downtown Northfield.
Patty Austvold, the keeper of the shop, along with Shanti Austvold and Niles Austvold.

The James Gang Coffeehouse and Eatery is open in the Heritage Square development on So. Hwy 3.
Owners Jim & Joan Spaulding w/ daughter Elizabeth

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Pioneer Press
Turbine could generate cash for school
Northfield school leaders want to harness the wind, so they're contemplating staking some $1.65 million in debt on a turbine that could generate enough energy to power about 600 homes, by far the largest wind project operated by a public school in the Midwest and maybe the country.

Malt-O-Meal expanding
Malt-O-Meal will open a third manufacturing plant today to expand production of its popular ready-to-eat cereals. Minneapolis-based Malt-O-Meal, the fastest-growing cereal manufacturer, says the addition of a manufacturing plant in Tremonton, Utah, is needed as it mounts a challenge to Kellogg and General Mills branded cereals. But Malt-O-Meal would need to grow a lot more before it starts elbowing those two industry leaders off the breakfast table. ... has two plants operating at near capacity in Northfield, its home base.

Hands on learning in New Hampshire (audio file)
In New Hampshire, the Democratic presidential candidates are criss-crossing the state campaigning before next Tuesday's primary. Their campaigns have provided a learning experience for a group of students from St. Olaf college in Northfield. Those students are spending the month out in New Hampshire, taking a class offered by St. Olaf professor Dan Hofrenning and working on a presidential campaign of their choice. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Professor Hofrenning, and Rachel Ricker, a senior from Lincoln, Nebraska who is enrolled in the class and working on the Edwards campaign.

Minnesota Monthly Feb, 2004 (not online)
Sparring with Kierkegaard
Ex-boxer Gordon Morino teaches philosophy and pugilism at St. Olaf -- and is becoming a contender in the national literary arena.

Star Tribune
Teachers find money crunch means smaller raises, fewer benefits
Doug Crane, director of business services in the Northfield district, called the statewide budget constraints a "sad reality." But he's dealt with at least two other periods of downturn during his quarter-century in the district.

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NDDC wingding at the Cow

The Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (NDDC) held a social gathering at the Contented Cow this afternoon. See the photo gallery.

Northfield, Northfielders in the News

Progressive Rail set to move into Northfield
Progressive Rail, a short-line, industrial rail carrier based in Lakeville, is moving into Northfield this spring. It will become the local agent there for both the Canadian and Union Pacific railroads... Timothy Eklund, vice president of corporate development for Progressive Rail, told a group of Northfield residents last week that commuter trains are within the realm of possibilities... The company will move about 10 corporate positions to Northfield, and Progressive would like to make the old depot building its home.

A letter to the editor in the Cannon Falls Beacon thanking Sarah Luck Pearson and boyfriend Bob for finding and returning a lost wallet is reprinted in the Jan. 11 Star Tribune -- the MN Voices column in the Op Ex section (not available on the web). Pearson's not technically a Northfielder (she lives in the Cannon Falls area) but she's a part-time writing instructor (creative non-fiction) who can often be seen coaching her students in the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse.

Classes keep senior minds active teaching and learning
Covering the U.S. Congress in eight weeks is not an easy task, Jim Reiley told his students on their first day of class last Tuesday in Northfield... They're taking part in the Cannon Valley Elder Collegium. The seven-year-old Northfield program offers three sessions of liberal arts courses per year to local seniors.

Organic food co-op to open in Northfield
A search for such ingredients as tamari spicy pumpkin seeds, curry cashews, toasted carob powder or Turkish apricots would mean a trip to Burnsville's natural food co-op for many Northfield residents. But that's about to change. Soon, natural food aficionados will be able to find these items at a community co-op, Just Food, in Northfield.

Engineer/inventor deals in the fun side of science
John Archibald's work, though, seems a healthy mix of serious endeavor and more lighthearted projects, such as building two-seater cars to zip around his hometown of Northfield or constructing the world's largest drinking bird.

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