Police department activity

On May 14, Police Chief Gary Smith wrote in the ISSUES discussion:

We currently post an electronic summary of all activity of the police department. This would include all enforcement activity for a given period of time. We print this off the computer aided dispatch system (CAD for short) from the Pearl Street Dispatch Center.

It is the same information received by the Northfield News, however they edit it for content. The numbers listed are ICRs, Initial Complaint numbers. Items that are not public or ongoing investigations will so indicate. You are welcome to post the list; actually I feel it would be another good source for people to review to see what is going on in Northfield and their neighborhoods.

Here's the May 17 report in Word Doc or RTF formats.

We'll regularly post the reports here on N.org until they're posted on the Police Department's website.

Online Q & A with the Chief of Police

gsmith120w.jpgLocal citizens can interact online with Northfield Police Chief Gary Smith for ten days, starting today, May 12 and continuing through May 21.

The forum takes place via the "Issues" email discussion list which we launched last week.

Topics will include the eleven-week FBI training program in Washington, DC. that Chief Smith is currently attending, as well as any local law enforcement issue that's of interest to citizens.

To join the discussion, subscribe to the ISSUES list.

Registration requires a working email address along with a first and last name.

The email discussion list has a web-based archive, so anyone can browse the conversation without subscribing. I'll blog occasional excerpts here during the course of the forum and put up a transcript of the conversation when it's over.

We also have an online form for citizens who want to submit a question or comment anonymously. As moderator, I'll decide whether or not to forward the anonymous post to the discussion.

For more information, contact me.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

Star Tribune
End to redistricting dispute is in sight
A court-appointed panel has agreed on new county commission district boundaries for Rice County nearly two years after the county board adopted a redistricting plan that detractors challenged in court as unfair... Hilary Ziols challenged the board's original boundaries, drawn in May 2002, on behalf of the Northfield League of Women Voters. She said the board had chosen the least representative plan of 13 options considered.

Old Northfield Middle School could become arts center
Artspace Projects, a Minneapolis nonprofit that's behind the project, could have the building ready by 2006. The 25-year-old organization has renovated about a dozen buildings around the country for similar uses. Artspace is still developing its plans for the Northfield school. In June, it will present its proposal to the Northfield school board. If members approve, the district would then sell the school to Artspace.

Northfield Enterprise Center meeting

The Northfield Enterprise Center invites local business people to the Marketing for Success seminar at the Golf Club on Wed. at 5:45. elizabethchildcompany.gif "Learn about effective and ineffective marketing strategies as well as hear from local experts. Learn the worst marketing mistakes and the best marketing satrategies. Hear from Elizabeth Child, marketing communications and PR consultant with more than 15 years of experience."

See the online signup form for more info. See all the schmoozing photos in the photo gallery from last month's meeting.

And meet the new executive director, Lynda Grady.

Around the blogosphere

Alex Beeby on the old hospital:
Susan Hoyt added that only one inquiry was made to the reuse RFP, and no proposals were received. While this result is what many people expected, it is a major milestone in the old hospital issue. It essentially means that the building is coming down and at least part of the land will likely become park...

Norman Butler on the Chapati rezoning request:
The only problem is that it is not zoned for Commercial Use, though we have every reason to believe that it should and will be. The following meetings (all at 7pm) of Northfield City Council will consider and decide the rezoning to Commercial Use...

League of Women Voters Northfield
Many observer reports

David Bly and Ray Cox on the confirmation hearings for Education Commissioner Yecke

Citizen Wig
Still cross about crosswalks

Community Day of Service Photo Gallery

See the photo gallery of the workcrews and volunteers who made the Northfield Community Day of Service all happen today. (All photos are posted in their original, high-resolution form, suitable for prints.)




See the entire community day of sevice photo gallery and visit their website.


Nfld Community Day of Service

From the Nfld Community Day of Service website:


Ross Currier promoting the event at Tuesday's NDDC meeting

"You are invited to participate in Northfield's Community Day of Service on Saturday, May 8. This one-day service plunge in the community brings together more than 200 youth and adults who cooperate on service projects in the community.

Command central for volunteers on Saturday, May 8, will be at Central Park (right behind Northfield Middle School, at Fourth and College streets). Should you need supplies -- or if you're looking for a project to join -- people will be there to assist you from 8 a.m. to noon. Project leaders and others should pick up their supplies for park cleanup (such as gloves, etc.) and other work at Central Park.

All volunteer projects should commence as soon as possible in the morning, so you can wrap up your work before noon. Then come back to Central Park for a lunch -- it's free! -- and a performance by "Spoken Hand," a social justice puppet group composed of both Carleton students and community members.
" Sign up now!"

Syndicated community events calendar now up

We now have a syndicated community events calendar on the right side of this home page. (Events list not visible if you're reading this via our e-newsletter. You must visit the live site to actually see the listing.)

Anyone can submit Northfield-related events to the community calendar at Upcoming.org's listings for Northfield.

And any Northfield-area company or organization can have this listing of events automatically displayed on their website.

See the very same calendar automatically displayed/updated on the League of Women Voters Northfield and Citizen Wig sites.

Contact Us if you're interested.

Email Discussion lists

forum_3.gif We are now able to host additional email discussion lists for area civic organizations/projects. Let us know if you would like one for either internal/private use or for discussions with the public.

Web Cafe vs. new ISSUES discussion list

We're experimenting with different ways that Northfield.org can promote/enhance online discussions.

forum_5.gif Since our inception a decade ago, we've primarily hosted discussions using a message board, much like the one in the Web Cafe. It takes considerable work to host/moderate a full-fledged, message board/web forum community and not everyone gravitates to the model.

So we've pared back the scale of what we provide in the Web Caf

Domain changeover

We're in the final stages of the process of moving our domain, northfield.org, and the server it sits on.


is now fully interchangeable with


You'll see plenty of both domain names as you move about our website and its various ares like the photo gallery, web cafe, email lists, and weblogs.

Please Contact Us if you experience any glitches.

Our thanks to Bob Courchaine at Northfield Internetworking who has graciously donated server space and bandwidth during the many months of this interim period.

Spring Fling photo gallery

The Northfield Chamber of Commerce hosted its first Spring Fling yesterday.


See all the photos in the Spring Fling gallery.


AA/NA Meeting for Young People

From Janet Clements:

I know its late, BUT... is it possible to run a short blurb [re] a NEW AA/NA (Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous) Meeting for Young People?

The time is Sat. eves 8pm at UCC Church on Union St, (across from the old Middle School). This is type of meeting is new to town. We are inviting all young people with a desire to get clean to join us.

Just Food Coop meeting


Ron Griffith, Just Food Coop board member, speaking to a packed house at last night's community meeting at the UCC Church.


See all 39 photos in the photo gallery.

Orrin Delong selected for DJJD Heywood Award


At 5:30 pm today in the Northfield Historical Society Museum, Orrin Delong was ambushed by Defeat of Jesse James Days General Chairman Debbie Larsen and a posse of community folks and told that he was the recipient of the Joseph Lee Heywood Distinguished Service Award which ... is given to a Northfield citizen who exemplifies the commitment to public service which Joseph Lee Heywood lived and died for.



See all the photos of the occasion in the photo gallery and feel free to add coments and captions.

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