Burning brush at compost site

One of the topics of discussion on the ISSUES discussion list is the burning of brush at the composite site.

George Kinney, chair of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership is bringing the issue before the Environmental Quality Commission's monthly meeting on Tuesday night (7 PM, NCRC, 2nd Floor). Any interested citizen may attend.

Terri Church has worked at the compost facility for five years and is one of the people responsible for this garden at the entrance. All the plants were originally retrieved from the compost pile. Click the photo for a high-resolution version.

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Cannon River cleanup

CRWP's Saturday morning river cleanup crew (L to R) Sheryl Joy, Katy Gillispie of Malt-O-Meal (which donated the gloves, bags and donuts), Dean Kjerland, Ron Griffith (Just Food Coop Board member, and Bobbi Baker.

P1010053w200.jpg IMG_3827w200.jpg
(L) John Discher and son Jordon; (R) Bobbi Baker and Ron Griffith.

Candidate & citizen bloggers wanted

We've got one new blogger about to launch next week... a candidate for local public office.

Are you a local candidate who's filed to run for a Northfield school board, Northfield city council, or Rice county commissioner position? If so....
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I want you.

Consider using an N.org weblog for your campaign... free of charge. It's part of our civic blogosphere project.

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ISSUES list topics of the week

The ISSUES discussion list is open for discussion of any community-related civic issue.

New topics this week:

- Village on the Cannon
- Ames Park vision
- Off-leash dog park

Previous topics still being discussed:

- Downtown Northfield - a wi-fi hotspot?
- Burning brush at the composite site
- Chapati/Downtown southern boundary

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Registration requires a working email address along with a first and last name.

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The last of Petricka's County Market

As of last night, there's not much left of Petricka's County Market.

EAS start this week?

Based on the June 12 article in the Nfld News titled Metro calling area start date approaches, EAS should have started on Wednesday this week.

"After voting to be included in the metropolitan calling area last summer, Northfield residents can expect to be part of the Twin Cities calling area no later than July 14."

Can anyone verify it?

Syndicated community calendar

The above is an image/snapshot of the calendar as of today about 12:15 PM. It's not the real thing.

See the live calendar (where you can click on any of the events listed to get more info about them) in the upper right corner of the N.org homepage, as well as on the NDDC and League of Women Voters websites/weblogs.

Anyone can submit Northfield-related events to the community calendar at Upcoming.org's listings for Northfield. As soon as an event is entered, the calendar is immediately updated on all the websites that carry it.

And any Northfield-area company or organization can have this listing of events automatically displayed on their website. Contact Us if you're interested.

Lockwood Opera House residential and retail condominiums

I've started a photo gallery of the conversion of the old Jacobsen's Family Store on Division St. to the Lockwood Opera House - residential and retail condos.

(L to R) Ross Currier, Dan Bergeson, Joe Grundhoefer, Vic Summa, Keith Covey, Bob Kuyper

See Ross Currier's blog post today about the tour the NDDC took of the project yesterday.

Girl Scouts invade downtown for bank raid reenactment

Many hundreds of Girl Scouts from all over the country are on the St. Olaf campus for the next few days for their 2004 Jamboree.

They descended on downtown Northfield earlier this evening to watch the bank raid reenactment. Chip DeMann, Wayne Eddy, Dan Freeman and their reenactment colleagues from the Defeat of Jesse James Days put on their show to the appreciative throng. See the high-res version of these photos and a half dozen others in the photo gallery.

Heritage Preservation Commission

The City of Northfield's Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) hosted a meeting last night on the new building design guidelines for downtown buildings, tax credits for renovation projects and the downtown Revolving Loan Fund.

(L to R) Historic preservationist Tom Zahn, Brian O'Connell, City of Northfield Community Development Director, and Bob Will, Chair of the HPC.

Earlier this morning, Northfield Construction Company owner Ray Cox blogged a summary of the meeting.

Wellstone Commons

Construction of Wellstone Commons on Spring St at Greenvale Ave. is nearing completion.

"Income qualified seniors 62+ years of age will pay rent based on income."

What's going on?

Last January, I blogged a StarTribune news article (no longer online) titled Progressive Rail set to move into Northfield. Quoting from the article:
Progressive Rail, a short-line, industrial rail carrier based in Lakeville, is moving into Northfield this spring. It will become the local agent there for both the Canadian and Union Pacific railroads... Timothy Eklund, vice president of corporate development for Progressive Rail, told a group of Northfield residents last week that commuter trains are within the realm of possibilities... The company will move about 10 corporate positions to Northfield, and Progressive would like to make the old depot building its home.
I took this photo of the depot last evening... still boarded up with lots of graffiti on its exterior.

Anyone know the status of this development? Attach a comment or use the Contact Us form.

Northfield/National Night Out - Aug 3

See the Police Dept press release (PDF) on the event and the schedule of events for the day (PDF).

Crosswalk paver color - a decision

About 15 minutes ago, members from the Design Advisory Board and the Heritage Preservation Commission made a joint decision on the color of the crosswalk pavers for Bridge Square.

The pavers will be a dark red brick color, and the concrete band will be a light limestone yellow. Click the photo for a large, high-res version of the two.

For more photos of the event and the ongoing crosswalk construction, see the crosswalk photo gallery. (Photos should be done uploading by approximately 5:10 PM CDT.)

Village on the Cannon groundbreaking

A groundbreaking ceremony was held this morning for the first phase of Village on the Cannon at the site of the old Petricka's County Market.

Note the shovelful of dirt in the air from the kid in the middle.

Northfield City Administrator Susan Hoyt (L) with future resident/condo owner Jo, the mother of longtime Northfielder Nancy Ashmore of ashmoreINK.

See all the high-res versions of these and other photos of the event in the photo gallery.

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