Blandin Community Leadership Program Seeks New Participants

The Blandin Foundation is making its Community Leadership Program available to Northfield area residents.

A local steering committee is actively seeking applicants. All those interested in the future of Northfield are invited to apply to be a delegate.

Applications for the program can be picked up at the following locations:
- The Archer House Lobby

Another snowy night downtown

More snow. Another gallery of downtown photos, Part II. With so little snow the past five years, I can't help myself. ;-)

See the complete gallery as well as a directory of the other galleries.

Photo size

JoAnn Kleber suggested that we enlarge the photos in the Winter Walk and Snowy Downtown photo galleries.

So now when you click on a 96 pixel wide thumbnail like this in a gallery:

You get a photo that's 560 pixels wide. (Who's that chick with Rossman?)

Submitted comments

As of 5 PM today, there are comments from:

Jim Bohnhoff
Mike Berthelsen
Daniel Kallman
Peter Schmelzer
Claire Larson

on the Hospital Reuse Comments page.

Got an opinion? Submit it!> forum_6.gif

Hospital Reuse Comments & Web Forum continues

The deadline for submitting formal comments to the Hospital Reuse Committee is the end of the day today.


But the online discussion on issues surrounding the reuse of the city hospital continues through Dec. 15 in the Web Cafe.

Reuse Committee member Alex Beeby is participating, as is former chair of the Committee, David Suderman... and other citizens. The discussion is currently focused on A) The Process; and B) The Way Family Gift.

Please join us.

Winter Walk, Snowy Downtown

Winter Walk was picture-postcard perfect last night.

Nola Matheson and former governor Al Quie at the Northfield Historical Society Museum Store. (See the September MPR profile of Quie for his 80th birthday.)

Chris Ennis gathering signatures

See the entire Winter Walk photo gallery for more.



See the complete gallery of photos showing downtown Northfield at night during a snowfall.

Northfield, Northfielders in the news

In the Star Tribune this past week:

Many Minnesota college students study abroad
The small liberal arts college in Northfield, which has emphasized international study for more than 50 years, has held the top spot in the annual report since at least the mid-1990s. Correction

Northfield man [Dick Heibel]is one of last snow globe repairmen
Small piles of debris sit in a neat row on the counter. Once-tidy scenes under glass just a shake away from a magical blizzard are now no more than rubble... So, what do the folks of Northfield think of their famous native son? "Oh, not much," he says, an elfin smile spreading across his face. "You're never famous in your hometown."
dick heibel2.jpg

dick heibel1.jpg

See the terrific audio/photo slide show by J. Pinkley and Joel Koyama.

Q&A with the Carleton Liberators
To today's Carleton student, Oscar is important for his historic symbolism -- not to mention his rarity as a stuffed emperor penguin in a Northfield library -- and his latest adventure is important for reminding the community of the value of continued exploration during college despite the temptation to blindly follow the "alternative" or "liberal" or "enlightened" path set out by the college administration.

Carleton College custodians help students pay tuition
Many have never entered a college classroom except to clean it up. But custodians at Carleton College volunteer money and time to help "their" students through school.

Op-ed by Gary Marvin Davison: School standards a liberal could love
Liberal Democrats and their constituencies should be the first to embrace the document now being refined by the social studies and history standards committee for Minnesota's Department of Education.

Winter Walk & Festival of Trees

Winter Walk, tomorrow!

See the photo gallery from the 2002 Winter Walk.

Also, the Festival of Trees at the Northfield Arts Guild tomorrow and Saturday.

Comment Deadline for Hospital Reuse

At last night's Open House, it was announced that comments on the Hospital Reuse need to be submitted by the end of the day, Friday, Dec. 5.

forum_6.gifComment Form: Deadline Dec. 5

We've amended the Comments Form slightly to mimic the form that was handed out at last night's meeting. and

Welcome to the revamped web site... and a long-awaited edition of NCO-News (now in weblog digest format).

We're in a transition with the domain name here at Northfield Citizens Online (NCO). We'll be moving all our content and services to a different web server by January 1, 2004 and so to ease the pain of the switchover, we're temporarily hosting all our new services here at Once the switchover's complete, the domain name will be the only domain visible, though will still work.

The old site and the old Web Cafe are still available for browsing though we're no longer keeping them current. Let us know if you've got questions or concerns about the transition.

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Hospital Reuse Web Forum

We're relaunching the Web Cafe with a special event:


A two-week online discussion forum on issues surrounding the reuse of the city hospital. The forum begins Monday, Dec. 1 and continues through Dec. 15.

You can jump right to the hospital reuse discussion forum or you can browse the resources and links page we've set up, which includes dates of upcoming meetings, links to the Concept Plans and other documents at Northfield City Hall, links to newspaper coverage and op-ed pieces on the issue, and a special comment form for those who just want to submit comments without particpating in the Web Cafe discussion.


See the gallery of crowd photos from the Nov. 18 Open House.

Web Cafe reopens

The Web Cafe is now open.


You can browse it as a guest but to post, you must first register.

Northfield in the news

St. Olaf's Academic Freedom Fight, By Kathy Kersten, | November 24, 2003
"Like their peers elsewhere, St. Olaf students are used to contending with ideological high-handedness. When I visited the campus last spring, many students were simmering about incidents of blatant faculty bias. Some complained indignantly that St. Olaf

RSS: syndication and aggregation

We've now added RSS to this weblog. What's RSS?

It's a radio signal for a website, most commonly used for weblogs. More technically: "Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Think of it as a distributable "What's New" for your site." See Intro to RSS for more info.

The Newspaper Association of America site has an informative article titled Syndication Made Simple. "Just as free e-mail newsletters enable publishers to directly reach readers and promote online and in-paper content, RSS "pushes" headlines and succinct, one-sentence article descriptions to those who subscribe to the no-cost feeds."

The other side of syndication is aggregation. Here's an article from Wired News that explains why aggregators are all the rage: Aggregators Attack Info Overload.

This icon is the cue that we're RSS capable. So train your aggregator to grab content from's syndicated weblog.

Northfield Historical Society Auction


See the photo gallery of last night's auction for the Northfield Historical Society, held at Jacobsen's.

Dignitaries! High society! Muckity mucks!

Auction services: Kuhlman Auctions.

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