Flowering on Division St.

The City of Northfield has long been decorating downtown light poles with hanging flower baskets. And the Northfield Garden Club has long been beautifying Bridge Square and Riverwalk with its handiwork.

Increasingly, business owners along Division St. have been following suit.
See the new album of flower photos in front of Rare Pair, Re/Max, Witt Bros. Auto Repair, Northfield Auto Care, Hodge Podge que', Present Perfect, and Glass Garden.

What other businesses along Division St. have done something similar?

Calendar display changes

The syndicated community calendar now displays the most recent 20 events. (We're experimenting with the font size and layout.)

As of noon today, there are actually 25 in the queue, extending all the way to the end of August. You can see the entire list anytime by clicking the link to Upcoming.org's listings for Northfield at the bottom of the listing.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to enter an event.

What other organizations in town should have this calendar displayed on their web sites?

Northfield Community Band concert

The Northfield Community Band held a concert last night on Bridge Square.

Group sing: the Star Spangled Banner. Click the image for a large, high-resolution version.

Building owners, legislators at NDDC

Real estate taxes in historic downtowns was the topic at Tuesday's monthly NDDC meeting, with panelists Joe Grundhoefer, Paul Smith, Sen. Tom Neuville and Rep. Ray Cox.

Downtown building owners Joe Grundhoefer and Brett Reese

Sen. Tom Neuville with building owners Joe Grundhoefer and Victor Summa

See all the photos in the NDDC mtg album.

For more on the meeting, see Wednesday's Northfield News article titled Downtown taxes discussed by NDDC.

What's going on?

I just noticed this sign across Hwy 3 from Target.

A BP (British Petroleum, formerly known as Amoco) gas station, car wash, and oil change facility.

Anyone know more about it?

Time for tossing hats into local rings

throwhats.jpegFiling for the four open Northfield City Council seats started today and closes July 20.

Seats open: mayor, wards 2 and 3, and one at-large.

See the article in the June 26 Nfld News Mayor, three council seats up for grabs for more details, as well as the July 3rd editorial titled Consider running for public office.

Other openings: four seats on the Northfield School Board, Rice and Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation district supervisors, and all Rice County commissioner seats.

Center for Sustainable Living joins the blogosphere

The Center for Sustainable Living has become part of Northfield's civic blogosphere with its new weblog.

The Center is dedicated to developing and administering programs and initiatives which foster liveability and sustainability for communities. The mission of the Center rests on the premise that building public awareness is the most effective of all the long-term forces for assuring that local communities remain vibrant and endure. Interests of the Center include improving environmental protections, conserving biodiversity, ecologically restoring degraded landscapes, building viable local economy, and encouraging civility within the human community.

Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center joins the blogosphere

The Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center has become part of Northfield's civic blogosphere with its new weblog.

The Center formed in 1996 when people from the Northfield community decided to broaden their individual meditation practice by developing a sangha, or community of practice. The Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center

Northfield Survivors joins the blogosphere

Nancy Coultas (L) and Sue Mieska have launched a web site with a weblog for Northfield Survivors and have thus become part of Northfield's civic blogosphere.

Northfieldsurvivors.org came together when a group of cancer survivors expressed a desire to share our experiences with other survivors and try to help those newly diagnosed. We are all cancer survivors who have experienced the compassion and love of our friends, our families and sometimes complete strangers during our illness.

Syndicated community calendar

More and more people are contributing entries to the distributed (syndicated) community calendar. The more the better.

The above is an image/snapshot of the calendar as of today at 3:30 PM. It's not the real thing. See the real thing in the upper right corner of the N.org homepage, as well as on the NDDC and League of Women Voters websites/weblogs.

Anyone can submit Northfield-related events to the community calendar at Upcoming.org's listings for Northfield. As soon as an event is entered, the calendar is immediately updated on all the websites that carry it.

And any Northfield-area company or organization can have this listing of events automatically displayed on their website. Contact Us if you're interested.

4th of July photo album - batch 3

I'm adding several dozen photos to the 4th of July photo album. They should be ready to view by 1 am.


Unlike the low-resolution photos here, all the photos in the gallery are available in the original, high resolution format, suitable for printing. Click the medium, 640 pixel-wide photos to see them.

(FYI, I missed the kiddie parade, so if you have digital photos that would make good additions to the the album, attach a comment here or use the Contact Us form.)





Northfield Historical Society Executive Director Mark Fagerwick with some chick, dancing on Bridge Square.

4th of July photo album - batch 2

I've added another batch of two dozen photos to the 4th of July photo album. I should have another batch ready by 6 or 7 pm.


4th of July photo album

I've started a 4th of July photo album and hope to post photos there throughout the day.

Chris Huber with a mini-paper cutter at the Flea Market ("featuring antiques and vintage collectibles") in Ames Park, going on now till 6 PM, right across the river from downtown.

4th of July

See our earlier weblog posting on the Northfield Historical Society's schedule of events for the 4th.

More info:

Dan Bergeson posted this to the NDDC weblog:

NHS is in need of volunteers to help with the set-up and take-down in Bridge Square. Help is needed at 9 am on Sunday morning to raise a tent and carry chairs, and again at 11 am to do some decorating on the Square. Assistance is also needed on Monday morning at 9 am to take down the tent and return the chairs. If you have any questions, please contact Rob Shanilec.

On the music stage, the Keane dancers have had to cancel, so music times are approximate. "We'll probably spread the salsa and zillionaires to fill the gap", sayeth Rob.

The red bike in this photo has gone missing from Bridge Square, but has been replaced with another. A tar and feather event on the Square is now scheduled for after the fireworks, assuming the culprits can be found by the DJJG posse.

An ongoing slideshow of the N.org photo gallery will be on display, courtesy of Rob Shanilac's By All Means Graphics which has recently relocated to Bridge Square, right next door to the NHS Museum.
If you see Rob Shanilac or others from the Northfield Historical Society, be sure to thank them for all the work they've done on this event.

Destruction, construction

The Hardees at the corner of Hwys 3 & 19 was torn down this week to make way for a new Walgreen's.

The new Advance Auto Parts store at the corner of Woodley and Hwy 3 is almost complete.

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