Another Busy Year at


Gathered at the Contented Cow on Wednesday, members of Northfield Citizens Online elected Kathy Ness and Amy Acheson to the board, discussed the year’s activities and brainstormed new ideas for 2011.

NCO Board Chair Nate White said ”During the flood we demonstrated our ability to quickly utilize technology for community good and showed why is a valuable community asset.” White reported to the membership at the 2011 Annual Meeting that traffic to peaked in 2010 during the Cannon River flood when the site provided up to the minutes news, photos and video to the community during the flood.

The board began a discussion about future plans for NCO which has as its mission: to create an electronic commons that strengthens the fabric of community in the greater Northfield area. Founded in December 1991, NCO creators wondered: “What's the likely impact of the Internet on local community? How can it be used to strengthen a geographic community rather than undermining it like other electronic media tend to do?” In their discussions on Wednesday evening, NCO members found these questions still relevant. Given the emergence of the online community in the past 20 years, a third question might be “where does fit into the evolving media fabric in Northfield?"

Other 2010 activities included a partnership with the two colleges, in which NCO engaged students through work-study and internships to assist in content production. Board member Rob Hardy was the point person for student writers who not only provided feature story content but gained experience writing and editing for the web.

Thanks to the efforts of board member Joey Robison, joined Twitter. She has been tweeting regularly and there are nearly 100 followers. The “Tweets around Town” list highlights folks who tweet about Northfield. Recent tweets appear on the front page, providing a real time snap shot of Northfield.

Following the business meeting, Quiz Mistress Jessica Peterson White tested the group’s memories with a fast paced game of trivia.