Check Out the Kill A Watt Meters at the Northfield Public Library

Kill A Watt Meter

RENew Northfield, a nonprofit organization concerned with energy issues in Northfield, has donated five Kill A Watt meters to the Northfield Public Library for public use.

How much energy does your refrigerator, freezer, computer, home entertainment system, or clothes dryer use when it is operations or “asleep?” Check out a meter and find out.

The meter is inserted into an electrical outlet and the appliance is plugged directly into the meter. The meter will display an average cost for each appliance tested: hourly to annually. Easy to use instructions are included with the meter. After using the meter, you may decide to unplug the device when not in use, or purchase a power strip with an on/off strip.

The meters are currently available and can be checked out for one week.  Please ask for the meters at the circulation desk downstairs.