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A roundup of recent civic-oriented posts to the area's weblogs.

Precinct Caucuses
Reports from David Bly and Ray Cox.

Kuhlman Auction
The next time you are at a fundraising auction look at the items that have been donated and see who has donated them. Thank those donors when you have a chance. Stop in their place of business and acknowledge them. Frequently the donated items represent a very personal part of the donor. I wish I could thank all the people who donate baked goods, vacations at their cabins, hand-made items, antiques, and other things. I have had the privilege of selling several hand-made birdhouses donated by Ray Cox. I have sold hours and hours of tennis lessons donated by Charlie Cogan. I have sold gourmet German dinners donated by Peggy Prowe. The list goes on and on. Then look around at the people who are bidding on these items. These are your friends and neighbors. People like Brett Reese and Charlie Kyte and Norman Butler and dozens and dozens of unsung community heroes. Many times these are some of the same people who have donated items for the auction. The money raised at these auctions usually stays right here. It goes for people and projects that help the people we know. It is a grass-roots way to build community.

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