Northfield City Council meets tonight; entire packet now online

agendatemplatethumb.gifThe Northfield City Council meets tonight, 7:00 PM at Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street.

See the Council Meeting Agenda page. The entire Council packet, including addenda, is available.

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Item #8:
Request for approval of $35,000 to be transferred to from the Cable fund to the EDA, to pay for a portion of the costs associated with the City website redesign project.

As per the document, the $35,000 exceeds the original budget, and they are citing that the funds are in the "Professional Services" category of the Cable fund.

Another telling statement, is "therefore, the city council is being asked to approve the transfer of $35,000 from the cable fund to pay for A PORTION of the website redesign project".

$35,000 would come out to about 410 hours of development work, at $85.00 an hour.

My only question is, how much is this redesign actually going to cost? Are we looking at a 100K website?

I am just concerned that money is being sunk down a large hole, and there is no technical oversight on this project.

Who on the council is the oversight?

I am also concerned that this use of the Cable fund, is not appropriate.


Good questions, John.

Can you ask them on the ISSUES list where there are 100+ people subscribed, including many leaders?