Dundas Dukes host a game (Update)

The Dundas Dukes are hosting a game at Memorial Field in Dundas. This is just a short bike ride from Northfield.

The Dundas Dukes play at
Memorial Field in Dundas.
This state of the art (my take on it) field is easily reached from Northfield by the bike trail that runs south, just west of the Walgreens. Follow that trail to the point where you enter Dundas. Follow the trail on down to the footbridge across the Cannon River and when you cross the river there (please, walk bikes across the bridge) you will see the ballpark just ahead and to the right.
My understanding is that there is no admission fee, though there usually is a snack bar with some treats.

The play and the stands.

Former Twins player and coach
Tony Oliva dropped in as Honorary Dundas Dukes Manager. Watching him talk with the kids and respect the fans was a real treat. The man has class.

One of the cool things about baseball played by clubs ... great seats for everyone. Here a pitcher delivers heat to an unsuspecting batter.

The Dukes were about to strike out the last batter in the top of the ninth and win a close game (1-0), but they intentionally walked the batter to let Terry Steinbeck bat one last time. Unfortunatly for the Dukes, but a real crowd pleaser, he turned the game around and the Dukes had to try and fight back in the last half of the ninth inning.


Final reckoning ...

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I also attended the game and had a lot of fun! Former players Tony Oliva, Terry Steinbach, and Dana Kiecker were there and were very gracious to fans, signing numerous autographs and posing for pictures. Dana Kiecker starter for Dundas and through 8 shutout innings, but was replaced in the ninth with Pete Maus, who was going to play all 9 positions in the game, Maus didn't do to bad until the decision was made to intentionally walk a batter to get to Terry Steinbach with the bases loaded, which really pleased the crowd, he ended up giving up five runs and the final score was 5-1 in favor of Steinbach's Hanska Bullheads. Even though the Dukes lost the game was a lot of fun, and it was very cool to be able to watch a great game of baseball and meet three former major leaguers, all for free!