Housing developments in Dundas, Bridgewater Township

College City Homes has started construction of a housing development called Stoneridge, just north of their Millstone development in Dundas.

The photo on the left is facing south on Dundas Blvd/Cty 78 (aka Armstrong Rd).

I&S Engineers and Architects of Mankato is putting in a housing development called Bridgewater Heights (formerly called Bridgewater Farms) on County Rd 1 (110th St. E.) near its intersection with Farrel Ave. (Enebak Construction Company of Northfield is doing the site prep.) More developments possibly on the way according to Dundas planning commissioner Bruce Morlan.

Reminder:Marcia Walters' blog post on tonight's League of Women Voter's 4th Monday forum at the library will focus on the Rice County Transportation Plan.

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You might like to look at http://informedconsentofthepeople.com/PlanningCommission/ where I am trying to keep a map of the projected growth in the Dundas-Bridgewater area. While it needs some updating, it does give a pretty good idea of what is going on in our area (south and west of Northfield).

Does anybody happen to know why this development is in Dundas? All the houses that are near there now have Northfield mailing addresses, and it's closer to the Northfield city limit than it is Dundas.

Were the developers rejected by Northfield or what?

And now for my opinion on this development:
This is another hideous example of the new housing being built in Northfield (or Dundas, rather). More soulless, generic homes uncomfortably crammed together. Not to mention the additional strain this will put on 110th street: there is no safe way of walking from Farrell Ave. or First Timberlane to either Highway 3 or Cty Rd 246. Add the traffic from the 900 new homes that will be added over the three phases of Bridgewater Heights. I'm not wild about that name either -- at least "Bridgewater Farms" sounded a little bit more fitting with the way they're trying to make the development seem.