Retraction: Ranch House not sold

1:15 update: I got a call from Mike Hoover, owner of the Ranch House, who said that it has not been sold to Perkins. My apologies for the false alarm.

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As sad as it may be to see another local institution fall, I love Perkins, and suspect it will do very well there.

I am usre it was an offer he couldn't refuse.

He has a nice lot, with highway frontage, across the street from a hotel.

I was beginnig to wonder how long it would be before a major player made an offer on it.

Frankly, I thought that Perkins would have grabbed the Walgreens site, but it is a little small.

My guess is that Perkins will run 24 hour service, like its other resturants?



Tell A Griff... 8-)

Made for interesting reading anyway!


Man - I love Perkins. I wish we had one here in town. My wife and I go the the Owatonna Perkins late at night sometimes. It's the best one I've been to.

Wasn't there one here in town once upon a time?

I would have to agree that Perkins would be a nice addition.

I remember (way back now) in the day, that Perkins was the best place to pull an all night study session. Lots of hot coffee, and the waitresses left you alone if you were not too rowdy.

With the 3 hotels on HWY 3 (Super 8, America Inn and the Country Inn, in fairly close proximity), I am surprised we do not have one.

We shall see. I would bet its only a matter of time.

Disclaimer: I still love the Tavern. I had breakfast there today, and will continue to patronize them first. I have never been fond of the Ranch house, before or after the remodelling. Nothing wrong with the Ranchhouse, I just prefer downtown and the Taverns Menu/Price/Value.

fooey to perkins. i luv the steaks at the ranch house. the wine is good too.

I was wondering - before the remodel, they had amazing food, great atmosphere, and marvelous service; after the remodel, the food was still good, but the atmosphere was dreadful and the service was remarkably poor. I've tried going back three or four times, but it's just so disappointing, and just makes me nostalgic. I miss the Ranch House!