New And Improved: The Ole Store

Under new ownership and operation, after significant updating, with a new focus and chef, a new and improved Ole Store opened for business this morning. Todd and Linsay Byhre, proprietors of the establishment on St. Olaf Avenue near Lincoln, are focusing the business on simple and healthy foods with organic and additive free ingredients. With initial offerings of a wine bar and coffee house, they expect to open the restaurant half in a couple weeks starting with breakfast and lunch and eventually adding a dinner menu. Brian Stansberry, the head chef, is in charge of their simple menus and creating the dishes the Byhres expect will delight their customers' taste buds with a simple and healthy place to enjoy food's potential achieved.

The Ole Store's hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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Anyone know if they have (free) WiFi available?

Does anyone know if they are serving Ole Rolls.

I believe they do have free WiFi; they also have a web-kiosk.

They, I've heard, did not purchase the recipe for Ole Rolls, but do carry a variety of very good pastries. No big loss, IMHO, the recent version of the Ole Rolls wasn't very good--certainly not worth the reputation. The old ones though, as big as a plate, moist, dripping with caramel, and oh, so good.

This is great! It feels like we've had a piece of our community's heart restored. Best of luck to the Byhres.

Lindsay and I want to thank everyone who has come in and lent us their support and encouragement. At times, we have felt a bit like we are performing a community service project.

Northfield has a number of very unique independent food and beverage establishments form Tiny's to the Tavern, Froggy's to the Cow, from Blue Monday to the James Gang. Independent establishments are challenging to run and even more difficult to make profitable.

Please support our independent service providers in town. As for the questions:

We will have a great Sticky Bun/Caramel Roll being developed for us by the Brick Oven. Our concentration will be on our meals with great purveyors providing us our fresh baked goods.

We do have free WiFi and an Internet Work Station.

As much as I enjoyed the Ole Rolls, the Brick Oven's caramel rolls are unequivocally the finest I've ever tasted. I hope the new rolls for the Ole Store are of the same, or a similar, recipe.

Though I haven't been there myself yet, judging by these pictures, and what I've heard from those who have been, the new Ole Store seems to have lost a lot of its aura.

As you can see from the picture of the wine bar, the traditional look is being akwardly replaced by a more sleek, modern look.

Perhaps the new owners will pull off the more eclectic feel, but I think not.

PS: Following the tradition of the store, the new Ole Roll recipe should be the same, but I have to agree with "SAE," the Brick Oven ones do taste better, or at least as good.

We ate at the Ole Store 7/29/05 - Wonderful.

It's great to see the Ole Store open once again. As a former Northfielder and having developed my sweet-tooth there when it was a small grocery/candy store, it was hard to see it close. I'll look forward to visiting over St. Olaf's reunion weekend in a couple of weeks.