4th of July weekend - schedule of events

Click the image for a larger view of the schedule of events planned for the 4th of July weekend.

11:30 am update: the train rides have been cancelled for the weekend.

The fireworks are scheduled for Sunday, July 3rd, in order to accommodate all the high school reunion people coming to town.

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Hey Griff:

I know that it seems like I'm always asking for something, but would it be possible to get a .pdf of the schedule so that we might print it out for our participatory convenience?

Thanks much,


For those of us that are "new" to town, can someone tell me where the Northfield Foundry is?

I would like to participate in the Train rides with my family.

I have been here 3+ years, and have no idea where that is.

Thanks In Advance!


Any word on why the train rides were cancelled?

I called the Historical Society.

The lady that answered the phone stated that it had something to do with Union Pacific pulling access to the Spur that the train was going to run on.

I have since been on the phone with Union Pacific Media Relations.

I have been carboned on a couple e-mails, and I am awaiting a response.

This may not be the reason why the rides were cancelled, but... If Union Pacific was the reason the rides were pulled, maybe we can get someone high enough up to see if they can change thier mind...

How many trains would be using that spur over the weekend?

Hopefully just one if I get my druthers! 8-)



I'm supposed to be getting those PDFs sometime today.


Thanks for pursuing the UP! Keep us posted... and keep copies of all your emails. This could be a good story.

2 more e-mail forwards, and now we are at an individual with a 651 area code...

We shall see. It never hurts to ask.


I have gotten some more emails, with some more details, and I am sorry to say the outcome is the same.

Its not going to happen, due to resource and coordination issues between railroads. Some had much to give, and others did not have any to support the effort.

Jim M. and many others worked hard on this, and my perception is that they may try again later in the year.

Good Job NHSS! Your efforts are applauded. We are looking forward to a great celebration!