Historic Northfield banners

The City, in collaboration with the NDDC, has put up new "Historic Northfield - since 1855" banners on light poles throughout downtown, part of this year's Sesquicentennial. I took these photos this morning in front of the Scriver Building, home to the Northfield Historical Society, the NHS Museum, and the Museum store.

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Yes, thanks to the City for putting up those banners...and thanks to the NDDC for organizing this project...and thanks to the downtown business folks who made the financial donations that paid for those banners...and thanks to Dan Bergeson (NDDC President) who came up with this idea and swore (as recorded by Renee Huckle, Secretary of the NDDC Board of Directors), "I'm gonna get those banners up this summer if it kills me".

We're all glad that it didn't kill Dan and that he lives on to get more banners up...

...and watch for the next set of banners coming to a downtown near you soon...


The new banners look really good. I had the privilege of designing the sesquicentennial logo and was pleased to see the image used in such a broad and...well, "cool" manner.

I visit this site often. Keep up the good work!

- Corrie Erickson

Thanks, Ross. I see Dan has blogged about it:

Corrie, thanks for your comment. And kudos on that 150 design!