Grease spill

This grease spill is on the Riverwalk access ramp behind Jerry's Hair Shop on the west side of downtown.

Local westside resident and building owner Dean Kjerland says it has been there since the weekend.

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Sec. 46-1. Unwholesome substances and businesses.

(a) No person shall deposit any unwholesome or offensive substance within the city limits nor permit on his/her lands any nuisance, either by exercising any unwholesome or offensive business or by permitting any offensive building, outhouse, sink, or any putrid or unsound meat, fish, hides, or skins or any putrid carcass or other unwholesome substance or thing to remain on premises of which he/she is the owner or occupant.

(b) It shall be the duty of the city administrator to give notice to any person violating this section to remove or abate the nuisance forthwith. If the owner or occupant of any premises on which a nuisance is situated shall neglect to remove or abate the nuisance within 24 hours, it shall be lawful for the city administrator to cause the nuisance to be removed or abated and, for that purpose or for the purpose of enforcing this section, may enter any building or go upon any lot or premises in the city.

(Code 1986,