Wading pool opens today

The City's wading pool opens today, free of charge. The large pool is now permanently closed due to leaks.

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Good news that the wading pool is open, but let's not be distracted from the real problem -- a summer without an outdoor pool. And if we don't keep our noses to the grindstone it could be two summers.

The wading pool is nice, but it is tiny and only for kids under age 6. 15,000 "users" passed through the outdoor pool gates last summer. Not every one can afford to go to Faribault and the loss to our sense of community would be enormous if they did. In a town that prides itself on family-friendliness it is unacceptable to be without this basic community service.

Thank you for the regular postings of pool information. There will be a lot more action in the months to come, including a community input process for designing a new outdoor pool and (old) memorial field plan.