The Spring Creek ponds east of the Northfield Golf Club are filled with algae. The City-owned lot at the corner of Division and 2nd St. is filled with thistles and a variety of other weeds.

6/25 Update: The weeds on the City-owned lot were cleaned out less than a day after I posted this.

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We have a pond as well in our development. While not as bad a Spring Creek's, we'd love to have the city put an aerator in there (as most cities do back east). My association has been putting offf the request for a while now, and we will likely hold off until other issues get resolved first;

There are a number of aquatic herbicides that are environmentally friendly and do a better, longer lasting job than mechanical methods. Might be worth looking into.

If your ponds are like the ones in new Dundas developments the City just has an easement that keeps you from filling in or otherwise making that space unsuited for use as a holding pond (e.g., you probably cannot put a tool shed in the easement space. Now, if the citizens wanted to pay for and put in an aerator, I doubt the city would say no.

Thanks Bruce!

Evidently the city saw this post and cleaned out the weeds from their lot less than a day after I posted this.