Hvistendahl to sue City of Northfield, Union of Youth

davidh152w.jpgI spoke to Dave Hvistendahl on Saturday while I was taking photos of the new seating area for Froggy Bottoms on the Riverwalk. (photo of you)

He said he (his West Bank Properties business) will be filing a lawsuit against the City of Northfield and the Union of Youth this week, related to the City's building currently leased to the Union of Youth for the south half of their youth center, The Key that's adjacent to Froggy Bottoms.Separate counts in the complaint: private nuisance, public nuisance, and common law trespass. He'll be seeking financial damages and injunctive relief.

Hvistendahl said he's experienced a significant increase in problems since the City Council decision allowing Froggy Bottoms to place tables and serve liquor on Riverwalk adjacent to The Key's backyard.

He expects that neighboring businesses will providing testimony supporting the complaint.

He recently called the police for this hole in the wall of the Froggy Bottoms building which is adjacent to the back deck of The Key.

In a Feb. 11, 2005 letter to City Administrator Susan Hoyt (PDF), he stated that the hole was first made in Dec. 2004.

I obtained the photo (click to enlarge) from the Northfield Police Department and the letter from Hvistendahl.

I've started a new discussion topic on this on the ISSUES list.

4:00 PM update: Here's the PDF I requested of the Notice of Claim that was served on the City of Northfield by mail today according to a person in Hvistendahl's office.

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So Dave expects that the neighboring businesses will be providing testimony supporting the complaint? My two neighboring businesses, ArtOnWater and ArcheoPaleo, support youth, and cultural alternatives, and an inclusive downtown community. We have no reason to testify in support of this insult to the Union of Youth. I am suspect of any attempt to punish the Key because some unruly kids hang around - should we punish Dave's bar for the public drunkeness here on the west side? Boycott Froggy Bottoms - send the money instead to the Key's legal defense fund.

So Dean, are you saying you have reason to believe Mr. Hvistendahl is lying about someone from the Key damaging his building with a sledgehammer? Do you have any evidence to back up this position or is your comment based purely upon biases pre-dating this suit?


I support youth, cultural alternatives, and an inclusive downtown community as well. However, I do not support the vandalism and public nuisance that is occurring around The Key. The youth center is a great general concept that needs a few refinements to ensure proper execution in the current location.
Perhaps your narrow view of public drunkenness should include all bars in Northfield. Unless, of course you are predisposed to believe that only unruly patrons come from Froggy Bottoms.


...who is exit 69 and what the f#$* are you talking about? Dean

I would like to bring this up. If anyone has any constructive criticism, any ideas about the key; please come to the board meetings. They are every Wednesday at 3:45 and usually end about 5:00. Anyone is welcome.

Mark, I am predisposed toward presumed innocence.

I think my unanswered questions are quite clear, but I'll try to put it in simpler terms for you: You are quick to dismiss Mr. Hvistendahl's suit as an "insult" and have suggested the public support the Key's legal defense. So, do you have any reasonable explanation as to why you think the Key is in the right? Or, do you simply have an ax to grind with Froggy Bottoms because of previous disagreements?

I'm commenting on Victor's LOG IN

Kiffi Summa:

"Who or what is "exit 69"???
Shades of the Klan... People who have the courage of their convictions, [and right on their side] don't have to hide behind masks ...Declare yourself, masked person!"

Is there evidence that proves 'a member of The Key' created this damage??

"Is there evidence that proves 'a member of The Key' created this damage??"

I would like to know the answer to this question as well. It's quite unfair to assume members of the Key are responsible. I live in that neighborhood and have had nothing but positive interaction with the Key. When I fist moved downtown I, at first, blamed them for all the noise and illegal skateboarding. However, once I actually got to know their faces, I realized that nine times out of ten the teens and young adults being noisy and inconsiderate at night were not members of the Key. In fact, on the few instances I have noticed them playing exceptionally loud music, they were very pleasant about turning it down when asked. If certain people would just get to know them, they would find most of the Key members to be very pleasant.

This whole law suit sounds like a bad after- school-special about the town miser trying to get rid of the youth center in order to build a strip club or casino. Let's hope Mr. Hvistendahl, like those after-school villains, learns a valuable lesson about greed and makes peace with the kids!

...exit69, you might be right, maybe it is a lie that someone from the Key wielded a sledgehammer against his stone wall. Lots of people could have dooe it: Bruce Babbitt, AMD Corporation, the music group Flesh, Daniel in St. Paul, Quinn in cyberspace, or policy wonk Orcutt. Curiously, you are the only person I have heard who mentioned 'sledgehammer' - what do you really know about all this????

President Bill Clinton's Interior Secretary, Bruce Babbitt, developed a reputation, not as a dam builder, but as a dam buster. He was proud to travel the nation taking a sledgehammer to obsolete dams. "America," he said, "overshot the mark in our dam building frenzy."

With AMD only now releasing the architectural details of its X86-64 design, Mitton said there will be samples of its first implementation, the Sledgehammer, sometime next year, and volume production is expected in 2002.

The Flesh-this would become the shortest lived, but most exciting band I played with. We only had 1 live show, but opened for D.R.I and Black Flag at a bar called Club Nitro in Norman OK (home of OSU) after being together all of 2 months, we had created a home video, which culminated with the sacrificing of a consol TV by sledgehammer.

One of the closet walls had to be demolished with a sledgehammer, several of the rooms still need to be plastered and painted, and part of the office still has no wall at all. The bedroom windows don't have screens, which sucks since it's 90 degrees and there are bats outside. Men are working in the house every day until 11 pm, when we get to sleep. Daniel, St. Paul

After reading the problems of roadkill and red victory rider, I am becoming VERY
apprehensive about Daytona. I am going and like I said before, I think if I have problems with
the bike, I may get a sledgehammer and for $5 a hit by people I'll probably come out ahead.
Hey, it's just an idea. Be Safe and Ride Aware, Quinn

Carrot, stick, or sledgehammer [electronic resource] : US policy options for North Korean nuclear weapons / Daniel J. Orcutt,

or ....