Syttende Mai

Today is Syttende Mai, the 17th of May, the day of Norwegian Independence.

I walked down the sidewalk on the west side of downtown at 6:30 this morning and got invited in to this group of locals celebrating. L to R: Kiffi Summa, Ruth Sylte, Julie Bixby-Johnson, Dean Kjerland, and Victor Summa. I don't know any of them but they seemed like nice people.

Full disclosure:Dean is a client. Julie works for the Cow, a client.

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ArtOnWater was proud to sponsor this special creativity workshop in which the team studied the history of the early Norse spirits and god(desses) and the triumph of a religious army over them (hearts-and-minds-or-else thing).

In the history of Norway, 17 May 1814 marks both the country's declaration of independence and the triumph of constitutional government. The 17th of May has remained the great spring festival in Norway, in a country with a winter that is both long and cold!

The graduation festivities included a full day of events: participation in the 2nd Annual, Invitation Only, Syttende Mai, Linie Akavit 'Bloody Mary' Salute to Dawn in the Garden of the Kjerland Building, Downtown on the West Bank of the Cannon River in Historic Northfield. At 5:43 am, sharp, the toast was made on the river's edge (to the god of your choice), then Frokost at St. Olaf; then a nap, then re-group at 8pm for Nordic Jam at The Contented Cow.

The graduation picture was taken (of those left standing), by a perfect stranger kidnapped at randon off a local street, in the Gallery after the rain finally interrupted the courteously quiet outdoor revery. Dean Kjerland. Note: Griff is not my client.

That looks like so much fun it makes me wish that I was Norwegian...

...hey, what's that Italian on the right doing?

Maybe another global navigation problem...