Northfield City Council meets tonight

northfiled_logo.gifThe Northfield City Council meets tonight, 7:00 PM at Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington Street.


See the Council Meeting Agenda page. It has PDF links within the page.

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Thanks to for linking to the City Council Agenda. Unfortunately, the City does not include all the information needed for concerned citizens to understand the individual Agenda Items: point in fact is the Hvistendahl request to use city property for the sale of intoxicating beverages - missing are: 'demarcation site plan', 'Exhibit A', 'Agreement for use of River Walk area', 'Map of Location', and 'Letter of Request from Mr. Hvistendahl,Business Owner'. It is my opinion that the key to timely, successful informed citizen input to City Council decisions is reasonably advance access to the details of the support documents for the Agenda. "Its The Packet, Stupid" - make it all available. Dean Kjerland

With a vauge drawing, and vauge guidelines, and a huge outcry by the public, the City Council by a vote of 4 to 3, passed the motion to allow Froggy's to use the RiverWalk.

Implementation has been delayed a week from 5/17 to I believe 5/23.

There were other modifications, all of which were fast & confusing, but there will be tables there soon.

DISCLAIMERS: 1. I have eaten at Froggys. 2. I voiced my opposition to this at the council meeting, and remain opposed to this action.

-John Thomas