Garbage enclosures downtown

Are these candidates for garbage enclosures? (Click any photo for a larger view.)

If so, who should pay for them... the City, like the one recently constructed on the West side? Or the building/business owner, like the one at The Rueb that the NDDC's Ross Currier noted last fall?

(A tip-of-the-blogger hat to Bill Metz for photo suggestions.) Full disclosure:The NDDC and The Rueb are clients of mine.

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For me, there's another issue beyond who should pay for the garbage enclosures: ss there a higher and better use for the land underneath the garbage site?

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I agree with Ross about the land on which the Waste Enclosures sit. While the sad truth maybe that many private business sites are so constricted that city owned areas might have to be used, The site of this west side Water Street enclosure has been a political football and this city owned property should (my opininon) not be the site to contain some west side garbage. The actual property in question is a site that downtown developer Dean Kjerland wanted to purchase and build a $1,000,000 plus building on. It is narrow, and a tight fit and definiietley "in-fill" but the city (at least temporarily) yielded to specific business pressures and allowed what appears to be a larg refrigerator crate to be set just off the ramp to the River Walk West.

You"ll hear it 's temporary and needed to go where it is now because of the Horseshoe Parking Lot disruption occuring there in conjunction with the Hwy 3 construction going on now and for two years. We'll see if it moves after MNDOT moves on.