Hwy 3 construction begins

MNDOT and Heselton Construction began work on Hwy 3 through the middle of Northfield yesterday. (Thanks to Mark Lange, Careful Painting, for permission to use the photo on the right from his weblog post about the construction.)

City Engineer Heidi Hamilton emailed me this Hwy 3 MNDOT document this morning (large PDF).hwy3constructiontn.gif

On the bottom of this PDF: To discuss how we can work together to make highway 3 work better contact: Steve Cuddy, Northfield Public Liaison, 952-484-9805.

[Discussion continues in yesterday's post about the trees in front of the Quarterback.]

Full disclosure:Careful Painting is a client.

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I just got an e-mail from Heidi Hamilton, stating that the detours are planned to start on May 9th.