Quarterback Club's trees - removed today?

I just got an email from Quarterback Club co-owner Krin Finger (with hubby Dale) that the five trees in front of their restaurant (left photo) will be taken down today, part of the Hwy 3 construction.

I noticed that the trees all have pink ribbons on them, as do the smaller trees across the highway (right photo).

Click the photos for a larger view. See the text of Krin's email (continue reading).

It's a sad day for Northfield's Tree Huggers. The Quarterback Club's 30 year old + trees (5) will be removed today.

Obviously the QB Club did not choose to have this happen. In fact, we did our best to NOT have it happen. We were told by MNDOT that we could leave the trees, but that the construction would most definitely destroy the root systems and they would die anyway.

We are very aware what an impact this will have on the appearance of our business landscape and hope to be around another 30 years to see the 'micro trees' that will replace them grow. It's just unfortunate that a town like Northfield that loves and respects green spaces and trees has to abide by what a Highway Department of Transportation thinks is best for our town.

We are not looking for free advertising, just thought that this might make a good story. Thanks for posting this! - Krin Finger

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Can't they replant the trees?

Good question, Cynthia, but it probably would be expensive. And unless somebody chains themself to the trees, it appears to be too late.

We considered replanting the trees and our reqular
customer, Mr. Mulligan, explained to Dale that these trees are too large and have a spread out and tangled root system.
Dale wanted me to clarify that the entire boulevard will be dug up, not just the trees. Shrubs, picnic tables, etc. And the new boulevard (which will take up to 2 years to complete) will not allow for that
size of trees to be planted or replanted. Not to mention that we do not actually OWN the boulevard. MNDOT does.
FYI: I would chain myself to the trees, if I thought that it would change the outcome.

Its been a while, so if you can refresh my memory...

How far is it going to be from the edge of your building to the curb? Those trees are very close to your building...

Any chance of a drivethru for the southbounders, right out the front window? 8-)

Seriously, we are concerned for the impact that the construction will have on you, and we intend to patronize you as much as we can, even if we have to walk a couple blocks.

I hate to see the trees go also... Progress... Harumph!


BTW, the three trees in the left shot are down, cut six inches from the base... What a waste.

The ones in front of QB are still there, and my only assumption is because they are still wrapped in green/white christmas lights.