What's going on here?

Castle Rock Construction is clearing this lot, just south of the Allina Medica Clinic on Jefferson Road. (Click for a larger view.)

Jasnoch Construction has a permit posted. Paul Smith, Metrowide Realty, has a sold sign up.

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Can someone help us out? Is this area zoned residential or commerical?

Is this a commercial build, or more townhomes?

No information about the project. Zoning is AG - Agricultural. The bigger picture is that the Allina Clinic lot is zoned C-3 (Gateway Commercial) then 4 lots to the southwest are AG, then R-2 (Low to Medium density residential) to Heritage Drive, then C-3 again.

When I asked whether the R-2 lots should be rezoned commercial as part of the Commercial Zoning District revisions in 2003, the question was dismissed.

There is (or was -- perhaps it's been razed) a barn visible from Highway 3 advertising "Development Land - Can Be Rezoned!" Looks likely that a request to rezone will be made.

Betsey Buckheit

Lots of clearing has been happening in the past few days, Betsey. I'm guessing Jasnoch will be knocking on your door Real Soon Now!