MNDOT's Hwy 3 Project

mndothwy3w200.gifMNDOT has a Hwy 3 Project web page posted but it's outdated. Director of Public Works/City Engineer Heidi Hamilton has the latest: "Construction of the retaining wall on Water Street north of St. Olaf Ave is scheduled to start April 25. The rest of construction won't begin until road restrictions are lifted in mid-May. The first activity will be construction of the temporary parking lot at 2nd and TH3 (for use while the city Water Street lot is begin reconstructed). This will be followed by implementing the detours for southbound TH3 and Hwy 19."

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...if the Horseshoe Lot is unuseable while being reconstructed, will the entrance to the temporary lot at 2nd Street and Highway 3 be off of 2nd Street?

...and if 2nd Street, west of Highway 3, is going to be closed during much of the construction this summer, will the temporary lot only be accessible from the east and the south?