Carleton 'goes Dutch' with retro windmill

wm1_400x267.shkl'Going Dutch' just took on a whole new meaning for Carleton College.  With an influx of "green" energy seekers in the past decade, demand on wind turbine production in the United States has skyrocketed. The increase of demand and lack of supply has allowed turbine manufactures to require top dollar for their eco-friendly product and this has led Carleton to a radically different supplier.

On Monday the Land and Eco-Development Group at Carleton voted to pursue the installation of a 4-blade, open bevel, Dutch-style windmill on campus instead of the more contemporary design of the college's first turbine. (The photo at right is an artist's rendering of what the quad-prop would look like in the approximate location staffers are considering.)

“We really think it will tie in with the old-world 'Euro' look we are moving toward at Carleton,” gushed group director Bob Neod. “We want the campus to feel half Europe, half Scandinavia and half Northfield.”

The unique element to this style of windmill is the opportunity to grow vines up its side and plant cheery colored daises around its base, a feature the botany department will utilize in their coursework. In addition, the open-bevel base can act as a platform for housing bell or blown-horn features. "It's quite possible that our Northfield neighbors will be able to have their wheat milled here, too," said Neod.

“I imagine a gently turning windmill, chock full of greenery and playing 'Det Forstar Jeg Ikke' from its bellows,” Neod added.

Bids from installation contractors are due May 27.

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This is a much-needed step forward - err, backward. Or at least sideways. The College will now be able to grind its own grain for the student dining halls, to finally stage the Don Quixote plays for which many have long clamored, and to revive the Tulip Festival that was discontinued in 1954 under pressure from the geranium lobby. And now we finally can justify wearing wooden shoes all year long, not just in the summer.

April Fool's joke - maybe NOT!

O.K. - we all 'get it' - it's a clever April Fool's joke ... but the best part is that it's NOT beyond the realm of possibility!  I dearly hope some benefactor of Carleton reads this spoof article, and then makes the college a proposal they simply can't refuse - DO IT!

The grandest joke of all would be that this April Fool's prank became a reality.  Tim Freeland's blog, and Carleton College, would have supreme bragging rights to the nation's very first "Dutch" style money machine situated in the heart of the campus.  They all could have the last laugh - all the way to the bank.