Entertainer or lawbreaker?

This guy was juggling while unicycling on the sidewalk in front of the Archer House on Division St. in downtown Northfield on Friday afternoon. I took this photo when he stopped to engage a group of pedestrians in an impromptu demonstration. They appeared to be impressed and delighted.

The city has an ordinance that forbids bicycling, skateboarding and in-line skating on the sidewalks in the downtown district. Maybe unicycling, too? Does it matter if some judged this to be more entertainment than transportation? Do these kinds of activities add to the vitality of downtown Northfield? Or do they pose more of a risk to pedestrians?

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There are always risks to pedestrians but they can be minimized -- by simply paying attention to one's surroundings. I'm in favor of allowing unicyclists only when they're performing. Performers add to the vitality of downtown. There should be penalties for any injuries due to unicycling or dropped items during juggling.

Here you go:

Sec. 78-137. Bicycles, roller skates, in-line skates and skate boards prohibited in certain areas.
No person shall ride a bicycle, roller skates, in-line skates or skateboard upon the sidewalk within the business district bounded on the north by Second Street, on the south by Seventy Street, on the east by Washington Street and on the west by Water Street, or on the east and west side of the river walkway or pedestrian bridge.
(Code 1986,