featured by U of MD school of journalism

jlabarticle200w.gifThe New Voices project at the Univ. of Maryland's School of Journalism (J-Lab) has a feature on this month titled From Town Blog to Town Hall by Nathan Alderman. "The Civic Blogosphere Project is one of the first efforts by a community news site to actively recruit and train public officials as bloggers."

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I'm a little disappointed, though not surprised frankly, that while Mr. Alderman contacted me on some perspectives I had of hard and soft news, that none of what I gave him as my opinions was published. I'm not on the board maybe, but I'm just an involved citizen. Maybe he didn't like the title I give myself of "Person" and "Citizen". I hope he comments back if he reads this however.

I think this could be another example of what I talk about in my latest citizen blog posting on False Objectivity.

He skirts around the issue I brought to his attention about a more democratized "Open Publishing" format.

Bridging gaps between civic leaders and the public is only one side of the equation. We should look at the other side too that would empower everyday citizens to "be the media" without pandering to the notion that we might offend our leaders by showing the hard news of citizens who are engaged in issues in our citizenry. I think if we don't look at the other side of the coin with "hard news by the people" we run the risk of just being the "People Magazine" for civic leaders of our community.

I told Mr. Alderman of this view I had, but it went unpublished in this article.


-Scott Schumacher

A surprising revision was placed in this article by Nathan Alderman, where some of my views are talked about! I didn't expect him to revise it, but he did.


I'm thrilled.. since this is what "interactive news" should be about in this forum. It should be a conversation. A lot of journalists, writers, publishers, etc., aren't used to conversation in my opinion. They are used to the one-way telling of news.

I'm pleased that Nathan wrote me to say that my views helped to make the article's argument stronger.