Garbage structure construction on West side

Construction has begun for a garbage structure on the River Walk access path.

Location: between the Kjerland Building and Basil's Pizza on the west side of the Cannon River in downtown. Click the photo for a larger view.

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And back on the east side, a lovely new trash receptacle on Division Street between 3rd & 4th.

This structure may partially improve the appearance of the site, but it will do nothing to reduce the horrendous noise produced by businesses dumping at late hours.

If we're looking for job creation, economic vitality and growth of tax base, I think we'd be better off using that prime piece of riverfront property for something along the lines of the Larson Expansion or the Kjerland Building, a mixed-use in-fill development with a design that is compatible with the area and using materials that complement existing structures, and put the garbage enclosure in a parking space in the horseshoe lot where Waste Management could have easier, and hopefully quieter, access to the garbage.

Isn't this path intended as handicapped access to a particular building / business, as well as Riverwalk access?

Is this City or Private property? My assumption is that the path is city owned?

Wouldn't having those containers on the path constitute a safety hazard to both pedestrians and wheelchair users?

I dont see any blocking under the wheels to keep them from rolling down the hill...