Chipping brush at the compost site

Warren Ringlien seems to have found some bliss in this rocking chair at last week's Home and Garden show. And he's probably still smiling after Monday's City Council meeting when the Council decided to halt routine brush burning at the city's compost site.

It was Warren who initiated discussion of the problem with this posting to's ISSUES discussion list on May 26, 2004.

We hosted a special ten-day web forum on the issue in August, and Warren got appointed to the EQC earlier this year. (Click photos for larger view.)Warren initially wrote:
> An operation that I think needs attention, is the method of burning
> brush at the composite site. When the wind is from the south east,
> the long smouldering fire really fouls the air,especially during
> inversion conditions, way up to the High School. My experience using
> the open mike at council meetings is not an effective tool or in the
> case of the air pollution, talking to the attendant at the recycling
> site had no impact. I have been told that a "critical mass" or a
> group effort is required for being noticed, and a voice of one is no
> voice at all. Is that true?

See some of the blog posts and photos over the course of the summer months via this weblog search.

Others who worked on this issue:

- Kris Vohs, Northfield City Council
- Heidi Hamilton, Director of Public Works/Northfield City Engineer
- Bob Johnston, EQC chair
- George Kinney, former EQC chair, Dakota County Environmental Supervisor

Who else deserves credit?