Downtown scenes

Left photo: The Mill Towns Trail will go under this Hwy 3 bridge (that's Walgreen's in the background) on the north side of the river and then behind the Safety Center. How soon? Stay tuned.
Center photo: Wednesday sunset on River Walk.
Right photo: a City of Northfield work crew, cleaning up Bridge Square on Thursday morning.

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Hey Griff:

That's a really beautiful picture of the pedestrian bridge. The NDDC is hosting a Forum on Wednesday, April 13th, at 7 pm, to gather stakeholder input for the Mayor's Ad Hoc Task Force on the City's downtown improvement plans. We've got five categories of topics, including River Improvements. I'd really like to use your picture to help illustrate this concept.

Thanks much,


Thanks, Ross. By all means, use the photo... only get the original from me if you're going to print it.