Photo Album - Northfield Home and Garden Show

(L to R) Merl Dahl, Noel Stratmoen, Ernie Milbrant and Dave "Sewer Man" Legvold serenaded the crowd with some barbershop quartet singing earlier today at the Northfield Home and Garden Show.

Mark Mueller-Dahl, Mueller-Dahl Interiors, makes a hard sales pitch to Bill and Molly Woehrlin who actually just wanted some candy from his handout dish.

Just Food Co-op's Alex Beeby gets hosed down with some 409 by a woman from Procter and Gamble.

Click the photos for larger versions and see three dozen more in the Home and Garden Show photo album.

3/27 update: thanks to Dennis (comment attached) for the help in identifying Dave Legvold. Merl identified Ernie.

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Mr. Y is Dave Legvold.

Dave Legvold came back to Northfield because, like most parents, he wanted his children to get a good education.