What's going on here?

I spotted this on the paved trail through Carleton's Upper Arb, on the bridge over the creek at the bottom of the hill near Oak and 2nd. (Click the photo for a larger view.)

If you know what's going on, please attach a comment.

FYI, most but not all of the paved path is clear of ice and snow, though mud and debris are plentiful.

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I heard that those are fiber optic cables being run to Carleton.

That's partially true. They're part of a joint Carleton/St. Olaf project to bring direct fiber connections to both campuses. The Northfield News did a story on it back in December that you can read at http://www.northfieldnews.com/main.asp?Search=1&Artic .

The project got a late start in the fall and didn't get completed because the ground froze. Look for activity to start up again in April. Project completion will be sometime in the summer of 2005.