"Hit the Streets" downtown

Howard Merriam, Director Resource & Park Planning for the City of Northfield, sent me a PDF of the City's "Hit the Streets" sign that will appear "on Bridge Square in the next couple of weeks." Click the image for a larger view. Coming soon: drinking fountains, benches, planters and painted trash cans downtown. And in April, a task force begins meeting re: a streetscape and wayfinding plan. So take this mini-poll and we'll let Howard know the results. (A blogger hats-off to Lewisham City Councillor (UK) Andrew Brown for the tip on using this mini-poll tool.)

What's your reaction to the "Hit the Streets" plan thus far?
A ten! It's a great plan for downtown.Not half bad. A 7.5.Hmmm. Not sure.It's more than half bad. A 2.5.It sucks. A big zero.

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I think this will be very nice, but I have some concerns about the trash cans.

The City & Waste Management need to be VERY efficient in getting the trash removed from the cans. Is this going to be done on a daily basis to include weekends? It needs to be. Nothing says