Thumbnails, text wrap, extended entry

We're experimenting with using smaller images (thumbnails) in this weblog, letting you click them to see the larger versions, having the text wrap around them, and using the "extended entry" option for blog posts that contain more than 100 words or so.

These changes allow us to post more information on the blog in a compact way, while keeping the slow-loading images to a minimum for those with slower connections.

Attach a comment here if you have feedback or suggestions for us. Or use contact us form.

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I think the presentation is more interesting and much more efficient. I've been concerned for some time about the load time for those saddled with slow connections. Now, can the rest of us with blogs use the text wrapping and image placement that you've shown us?

I really miss the way that the feed used to be displayed. It was more visible. I think that the blogosphere's collective muscle has been diminished since the calendar feed is no longer being displayed on the LWV blog or the NDDC blog. I think there are several other blogs that could benefit from a calendar feed also.

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I'll forward this to our NCO committees.

As for the NDDC blog, I'll check!