Twin Cities (Dundas and Northfield) transportation planning

rossglennbetsey.JPGI took this photo (click for large version) of NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier, Dundas Mayor Glenn Switzter, and Northfield Planning Commission Chair Betsey Buckheit looking at a Rice Country transportation map at the Goodbye Blue Monday on Thursday morning.

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Actually Griff,

we were talking about sports.

Glenn has his plan for the stadium with a retractable dome for the Dukes, Betsey has her desire for two sheets of ice for Northfield Hockey and, if they're going to pursue state bonding for their recreation projects, I'm once again bringing up Mary Rossing's excellent idea for the Cereal Bowl Bandshell in Ames Park.

Of course, then we were trying to figure out how to handle all that additional traffic that our brilliant economic development initiatives were going to bring to the Dundas-Northfield area.

As Leif Knecht pointed out in his recent guest column, we've got an east-west issue in this area. From the northern edge of Bridgewater and Northfield Townships, we're about two or three east-west parkways short of an adequate system, and I'm not just talking about crossing the river or the railroad.

From 30,000 feet, the height from which the rather tall Glenn sees things, it looks like 80th, 90th, 100th or 110th Streets are possibilities. Unfortunately, when viewed from Betsey and my shorter perspectives, some of those opportunities may have been lost.

We really should have been setting aside transportation corridors for the past few decades. Of course, who could have predicted the incredible growth that we've been experiencing in our area lately.

Glenn cites Dakota County 42, 46 and 86 where the community has aggressively retrofitted some solutions to the east-west issues. It's an approach that Rice County might benefit from considering.

I know that the topic was broached when Dan Bergeson, Jessica Peterson, Glenn Switzer and I were talking on the sidewalk outside of the VFW the other night.

Quite honestly Griff, we were really meeting to talk about Bike Trails. After hearing how Owatonna leveraged off of Wisconsin's bike trails at the NDDC Forum the other day, we thought that we should make sure that Dundus and Northfield leverage off of each other's trails.

Oh, and as for that "Twin City" (and Quad Townships for that matter) long-range planning, we agreed that the initial emphasis should be on:

- Communication
- Transportation (of all forms)
- Arts and Recreation
- Balanced Growth
- Limiting references to British writers, in particular Charles Dickens and Monty Python

Thanks for all your support,


Splendid, Ross.

I think you should post this to the ISSUES forum for wider discussion and impact.